AT&T officially dry on iPhone 3G inventory – AT&T and Apple making way for iPhone 4G / HD

With the launch of the next-generation iPhone 4G / HD looming just over the horizon there’s no doubt that AT&T is preparing for the onslaught of new iPhone hopefuls gunning to be the first on their block with the new smartphone from Apple. In fact, a newly leaked AT&T internal memo confirms that the carrier is out of stock of the iPhone 3G and has no plans to replenish that inventory. The inventory sell-out is par for the course and expected in the lead-up to a new iPhone launch.

The memo was reportedly intended for AT&T authorized retailers that have permission from the carrier’s corporate higher-ups to sell the iPhone. In the memo, AT&T says that the iPhone 3G 8GB model is out of stock, and to encourage any potential customers to buy the iPhone 3GS 16GB or 32GB models:

June 4, 2010

iPhone 3G 8 GB is Out of Stock

Effective immediately, iPhone 3G 8GB is Out of Stock. Please refer all customers to iPhone 3GS 16 GB and 32 GB models.

Q: When will we receive inventory for iPhone 3G 8GB?
A: At this time, we do not know when more iPhone 3G 8GB will arrive.

Q: Are there any iPhone 3G 8 GB available in COR if my customer can purchase there?
A: Check with your local COR stores to see if they have any inventory available.

As with all new iPhone launches, AT&T and Apple are expected to bring the new handset into the fold and send the previous generation out to pasture. The current generation iPhone 3GS should be given new life as the entry-level iPhone, with an expected $99 price tag. We’ve seen it all before. When Apple launched the iPhone 3GS, the original iPhone was end-of-life’d and the 3G was relegated to entry-level status.

So, now what? All eyes are on Apple and the WWDC 2010 conference! Make sure to keep an eye on IntoMobile, as we’ll be bringing you live coverage of the iPhone 4G announcement! Check out our WWDC roundup to brush up on what to expect from Apple on Monday!

[Via: MacRumors]

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