Apple says iPhone 4 hardened glass doesn’t need full-body case protection, buy a ‘bumper’ instead

The new iPhone 4 has escaped its curved-body roots in favor of a thinner, more flat design with hard edges. Some may not like the new look, but I find the thing down right sexy. Now with the hardened glass display and back plate protecting the iPhone 4’s innards, you don’t even need a full body case.

What’s that? Glass protecting the inside of the phone? The hardened glass is just about as tough as Sapphire crystal but supposedly many many times stronger than plastic. So, yeah. It does protect, according to Apple.

Instead of full-body cases, Jobs suggests you buy one of their new iPhone protectors, called Bumpers. Bumpers protect the outline of the device, and has holes in the sides, ensuring the volume buttons and the sort are easily accessible. With the glass display and backing, there is little need for anything to cover them, and Apple surely doesn’t want you to cover up their logo. They’re kind of in love with themselves, ya know? So, say goodbye to that $2 iPhone gel case, and say hello to the $30 bumper, which comes in an assortment of colors.

iPhone 4 Bumpers

I’m anti phone case to begin with. I’d rather risk dropping my phone, and get to see it in all its glory than see some ugly rubberized skin on top. A case might add a nice grip in the hand, but make it uncomfortable in the pocket. My Nexus One has the scuffs to prove it. Apple clearly may have a similar outlook, and are confident that the glass on the front and back of the device should hold up just fine.

While sexier, the new iPhone, to me at least, makes me think you’re just going to have to worry about breaking both sides of it if you were to drop it. Though, the steel frame may be able to absorb a lot of the impact if in on an edge. That also makes me wonder how that may affect all the receivers that are built right into the frame, if the phone were to take a shitter.

All in all, the iPhone 4 is looking mighty fine, and if the only two phones available to me were the EVO or the iPhone 4, I’d probably go with the iPhone. That’s saying a lot, being a die-hard Android fan. But I think I’ll be waiting for the new Snapdragon handsets to come out before I even consider purchasing a new phone.

  • Ratnok

    So you'd rather have a 3G phone with a smaller display and slower processing (vs Froyo) that can't be customized without voiding the warranty and EULA on an inferior network? Wow. That is saying alot.

  • RlW

    Ratnok – yes, he would rather have it than the pile of plastic you get with the android.

  • justen

    you cant use the 4g unless ur in abt the 20 cities int he entire usa, but atts 3g is faster than the evos 4g so yea

  • Verizon Dare

    i believe it was a bit rushed, and left out some options that not many people discuss about. Everybody knows that the majority new smartphones have web, so why present that primary function at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Really? which new telephone doesnt do this? How bout speak about how the textual content rearranges itsself. Additionally the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you mention you should use the mic and text with your voice? Not noted ALOT of different more vital features

  • craesay

    Love my iPhone 4 but scratched the face after about a week. So much for the hardened glass.

  • Carlos Fernandez

    If the glass is so good why don’t they warrant it?

    • josie sheltraw

      i have a 100 i phones so what now

    • josie sheltraw

      i have a 100 i phones so what now

  • Jd Selem

    apple is full of it. my mom dropped her phone 3 feet and the screen shattered.  After she spent 20 dollars on a screen protector and 30 bucks on a case from apple.  Im not kidding it was a lousy 3 feet.  then we called apple thinking apple care would cover it and turns out that the only thing they dont protect is any damage done by the owner.  apple has great products but they are cheap.  the industry is just one big selfish money pit

    • Nambach

      I don’t understand how Apple can sell an all glass phone.  We don’t live in glass houses.  Who wants to pay that much money and then have to cover it up with a $90 case and still breaks if dropped.  Look at a car windshield, if it gets a small crack it can spread over the entire windshield.  That’s exactly what a glass phone does.  I still don’t see how there can be that many people dumb enough to buy a glass phone.

  • Treyh81

    not true! my son droped his iphone 4 about 4 inches from the ground and it broke the glass! this seems to be a big problem. seems that apple likes it this way so u have to pay a rediculous price to fix it. just another way that apple sucks more money out of you…. how about making a face that doesnt break!!!

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