Motorola bringing Android slider to Metro PCS

With other smaller, regional carrier such as US Cellular, and Cellular South, Metro PCS is now jumping on the Android bandwagon. The mystery Motorola slider has the makings of a pretty decent mid-range device, and it would be considered high-range since we’re talking Metro PCS here.

While it may not be the HTC Desire, it’s a nice option to add to Metro’s lineup. From what we know of the device, it’ll sport Motoblur, which will be running atop of Android 2.1. It’s pretty sad that Metro is getting a better device than AT&T’s first Android device, I might add. Other than the updated software version, it looks to be a standard Motorola affair. The screen size is likely 3.1 inches, which is used on both the Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT, as well as the Devour. ROM and RAM are unknown, but we should be seeing a 600Mhz processor aboard this device as well. I think it’d be safe to bet we may see a 3-5 megapixel camera on the phone, too.

With a decent specs-sheet, and Metro PCS’ pricing, this mystery slider should have no problem finding new homes to the carrier’s customers. It may not have many software enhancements, or upcoming ad campaign, but I’d peg this new Moto device with the likes of the MyTouch Slide. No, that’s not an insult. Both look to be powerful enough to get some heavy-duty emailing on, just don’t think you’re going to get something like Droid Incredible speeds (1GHz processor) on the thing. Luckily, since the device is shipping with Android 2.1, there’s a good change this bad boy will see some Froyo later on down the road.

This stands to give Android another avenue that other competitors aren’t reaching into. Seeping into any carrier it can, just as Google wants. The real question is, would you even consider leaving a major carrier for this thing? Doubtful, but this is just another way to get Android in the hands of customers who don’t want to be spending an arm or a leg for everything.

[Via: Gadgetsteria]

  • stirfry

    MetroPCS Unlimited Local + National + INTERNATIONAL+ unlimited web+email+SMS+MMS all for $60 per month.

  • issachar

    I thinks this is the perfect storm. A cheap service provider who doesn't try to lock you in with 2 year contract. A goggle powered phone for a reasonable price. This is what the hood has been waiting for.


    I will most likely leave Verizon for Metro as they are starting to come out with decent phones such as this android phone. Plus I will save alot of money on my bill….

  • mumu

    im dying to know when this will come out!!!!

  • dan

    yeah, release date would be great. I can't live without android, now coming out with the cheapest plan to use it is a definate cell phone company switch worthy! Its sickening seeing how everyone bashes metro, but its 4 da ghetto, if you arent in service range why buy in on it? If you aint from the hood dont come to the f*ckin hood!

    • rob

      metro may not be Verizon , but it is not just for the hood as you say. you are mistaken. metro allows many people from all walks of life to have a decent cell phone without paying close to 100.00 a month.

  • obgyn

    Was talking to the metro people… Nothing official mind you but they are saying christmas for the android options. They are trying to make their entire network 4g compatable prior to releasing anything this advanced.

  • Steezyeteezy

    I think it’s a good thing there’s a Droid. Considering the phone line-up @ Metro isn’t to great. Although they now cover 95% of the US. =]

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