Sprint offers tips on how to improve Sprint HTC EVO 4G battery life, including carrying an extra battery

A close-up image of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G display and Android homescreenThere’s no doubt that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G has a huge problem with battery life – that’s one of the few “cons” we mentioned in our EVO 4G review. What with the most sought-after Android phone of 2010 boasting a 4.3-inch display, a 1Ghz processor, and an Android 2.1 OS that’s capable of running all your apps at the same time, it’s no surprise that the EVO struggles to stay powered for more than a full day-light cycle. Today, Sprint has issued a tips guide that should help increase battery life for all those eager customers that managed to pick up an EVO 4G before nationwide inventories dried up.

The battery life tips guide outlines suggestions that we’d consider common sense tips for maximizing battery performance, but we understand that some of you lucky EVO owners out there that aren’t too well versed in all things smartphone. To that end, Sprint’s tips for increasing battery life include

  • Adding widgets to the EVO’s Sense homescreen for toggling Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G radios off when not using those features.
  • Turning off network roaming, in order to prevent your big-screened Android phone from constantly searching for the strongest network signal.
  • Manually decrease the brightness of the giant 4.3-inch display, or set display brightness to automatically adjust according to ambient light levels.
  • Disable live wallpapers.
  • Carry and extra battery or top off charge with a car charger whenever possible.

What’s most interesting – and a bit funny, we have to admit – is that Sprint is suggesting that customers carry an extra battery on them at all times. We don’t really have a problem with that, since carrying around extra power packs comes as second nature to us. For most of you EVO owners out there, though, we have to imagine that Sprint’s suggestion to carry around extra power is going a bit too far.

What say you? Are you going to carry around an extra battery or external power pack?

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  • manny

    The only time I carry an extra battery is when I go to Vegas or when I know im going to be out all day.

  • guest

    Android has an app called SetCPU that allows for CPU moderation to preserve battery (unfortunately, it is only for rooted phones). Google should program battery profiles into the OS to extend battery life, particularly when the phone is sleeping.

  • Andy

    I read somwhere that it takes about a week for the battery to "break in." I got my evo opening day, last Friday. Over the weekend, the battery life was pretty awful. I downloaded a task killer app and have kept an eye on the battery level. Between shutting down unnecessary apps and staying off of 4g when I don't need it, the battery life has increased drastically, along with the few days of break in it's had. As I type this, I've got 3 bars left on my battery meter after 14.5 hours of moderate use. If I can get 15-16 hours out of the battery with moderate use, I'm happy. That was about all I got out of my blackberries, anyways.

    • Aminah Wabbie-Little

      Hi, What Task Killer App did you use?

  • carrie

    I am totally annoyed with the battery..Hopefully mine will break in too! But so far I could not go out for a few hours without it running very low and there is NO way I am going to carry an extra battery with me!

  • Paul

    While most people seem to have the same battery issues as me, some people, like Andy, seem to have much better battery life. From a full charge I get about 7 hours of moderate use before I "in the yellow". I've done all the tricks for improving battery life but haven't seen any discernable change. How the heck are you guys getting 14 hours?!?!

  • craig motyka

    battery life on the palm pro is terrible as well but ive been dealing with it for the last year and half I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE 4G!!!

    • Buddy Shirk

      4 hours with all apps off is all I get keep your hands your palm pro a bit longer till they fix the battrey problems..

  • Jan

    Do you have to purchase battery from Sprint or is the battery ordered online safe?

  • Besd

    i think they should design an extended battery and also since it's going to make it a little bulkier, but i should help holding the phone and preventing the phone from slipping out of your hands

  • Eddie

    are people just playing with their phones too much?!?!? my heavy and moderate usage is lasting me all day, where if i applied the same usage to the iphone 3gs, it would've died in midday already. people, don't let the battery rumors shy you away. I started with most of the things turned off, and now i turned back on live wallpaper, activesync emails, and facebook/weather auto-updates (set to two to four hour refresh), yet my battery still easily last all day.

  • T-licious

    Everyone needs to adjust their settings. Your phones come out of the box set to download email and weather every hour. Also, your apps for stocks and news downloads every 4 hours. Go into your settings and place everything in regard to email, weather, stocks, and news to "MANUAL" please. Your batteries should last a great deal longer after making these minor adjustments. If you need to check your email or weather every hour, you must not have a job.

  • D2G

    I have chargers in my car, at my desk, on my nightstand, and even one in my notebook case.. I've yet to get below 20% charge.. I use the hell outa this thing, and I wouldn't give up this phone now for anything else avail or coming soon. I'll prob get a spare battery just to have, but usually if my phone starts getting low, i just hook it up to the notebook and let it charge off the notebooks extended battery.. not really an issue – and its a small price to pay for the power this phone provides.. 6 of us traded in our Pre's (which we all think had worse batt life for what we do), and all LOVE these new HTC EVO 4G's.. LIGHTSPEEDS faster, and thats not even with the foryo update that will come later.. VERY best mobile devices we have all ever used.. BIG WIN for sprint and HTC.

  • wrlsfanatic

    Do I think carrying an extra battery is reasonable for the average user? Hell no. But I think that heavy users might benefit from that, and I think it's a nice option to have.

    I truly see that as a dig at Apple for not allowing people to change batteries. Or maybe I'm just overloaded on EVO-i4 comparisons so I'm stuck comparing the two myself.

  • Jelly

    I heard that with any new electronic device you should charge the battery fully, and then let the phone die completely to the point were it won't come on for even a second. This is supposed to make the battery life last alot longer. Has anyone heard of doing this before? If so please let me know and also if you have tried it?

    • Stu

      Well most new electronic devices say to charge the battery the 6-8 hour charge before your first use, but lets get realistic. I just got a new HTC EVO 4g with Google Android. Fast downloads and endless possibilities of entertainment, of course I'm going to play with it first. The point of the charging once the device was stone dead was before there were the new lithium ion batteries. The older style battery would base its charge level off of wherever you last charged it (more or less) so if you charged the device with half battery life left, it figured that halfway was the maximum charging capacity. However with the lithium ion batteries its not an issue. I have had some of the newer batteries die out on me but after hundreds of charges, most likely it was time for a new one anyway. Hope this helped some.

  • Blake

    The only battery draining issue I've seen is when playing the game Drop 7. It drained my battery very quickly. Today I've adjusted settings and after 8 hours of on time, I've only used THREE bars of battery. I still have a full SEVEN bars in the green. This phone is incredible in many ways. I work all day on a computer, and I might actually buy another charging cable, so I can have one at home, and one at work. I don't think carrying an extra battery is necessary. Just know your habits, and how you'll use the phone, and then you can factor in best time/place to charge the device. I'm anxious to see how the new iPhone's battery will be. Doubt it will be any better. Oh and I haven't experienced any dropped calls on Sprint, ever :-]
    The phone is a bit bulky, but once it's out of your pocket and you're using it, it comes to life and puts a tremendous amount of power into your hands.

    • Paul

      Blake, that is exactly what I do. I was pretty disappointed about how abysmal the battery life was, but since I now have one at work, and one at home…. problem solved! 🙂 At least during the week.

      Hope the FROYO update helps as well.

  • @rebeccab1103

    At least the Evo does have the option to change out the battery if it gets low, unlike the Iphone where the battery does not come out at all. I will gladly carry around a spare battery to get the most out of this amazing phone.

  • D.J.

    I hope that they just create a stronger battery from the start. It is very selfish for them not to. Why have all these cool features for it to die on you. I should not have to shut almost everything on my phone just to save my battery or have ti carry extra battery. Who does that. With all this technology i know they can afford to make a battery that is good for at least 10 to 12 hours long. Sprint use to have options as to buying extended batteries. When i had that i hardly ever ran out of power. I think they need to figure this one out of they might start to lose preferred customers. Please make stronger batteries because it will make lfe much more simple.

    • MB

      I’m sure they’ve got some great battery technology that will last for days and they’re keeping to themselves because they’re “selfish?”

  • celo

    you know what i havent even plugged in my phone to charge and its 228am and i left on full charge for the day at 1130am so far i sent out a handfull of text brosed a lil on the net watched a few you tube vids and was playing some lil tower defence game and im in the yellow right now so egh not bad right i just turned off the gps and only run on 3g no blue tooth or anything

  • Dakkon

    Like any electronic device it comes down to the configuration of all the options, and how they need to be set for your specific utilizations. I enjoyed my palm pre, and am currently on the wait list for the EVO. I never had problems with battery life once I set all the options for my phone, and figured out my usage patterns, so I knew when I would need to charge in the car or from my laptop. That fact that you can charge your phone from USB is a big advantage over older cell phones which also did not have the greatest battery life. I would carry an extra battery, but why when you can just carry an extra usb cable and call it good. Honestly anyone who has this phone is probably around some kind of computer almost all day long anyways. Utilize that extra port in the usb hub.

  • Jason

    I had horrible battery life but no longer allow automatic checking of weather, stocks, news, etc. and recently installed Advanced Task Killer and set it to "Aggressive" and it has made a big difference. I've had it off the charger for 4.5 hours and have only lost 2 bars out of 10 after moderate use. If I can get 8-10 hours of life from this phone I can live with it.

  • Tim

    That is a good one, have a powerful phone and turn everything OFF! I had one of these battery eaters, man 3.5 hours from start to DEAD. I use my phone like a computer and it BETTER last the friggin DAY! Hey HTC, get it together, POWER management is NOT that hard! Oh Ya, use MIFI and watch a fully charged battery from full to DEAD in 1.5 hours. Yes, that was under load, I needed the Internet, but for more than 1.5 hours. Let me say though, it was an AWESOME phone when it was running! I would have another one if it would go through a day under heavy load!

  • JohnnyMAc

    I have no problem with battery life! I downloaded Advanced Task Killer and it worked. I also cut out vibrations on the keyboard, notification lights and life goes on…I do understand that an update by Sprint will soon be out that will increase the battery life 200%….that would be good but I use my EVO everyday in business and so far no complaints. My friends are jealous but who cares:=) Here is a tip, when using GPS in the car, plug in your charger, no big deal.

  • halligan1201

    I have used my evo for the past week.I turned 4g gps and WiFi off out of the box. originally installed advanced task killer and was getting around 7-9 hours out of battery without any special charging tricks. read an interesting article about task killers and android phones and how they are not needed like they are for Windows mobile and it suggested that such apps actually drain battery faster.instead suggested merely adjusting your apps to update at whatever interval you deem necessary. followed that suggestion and now leaving gps turned on I am seeing 15+ hours out of battery with increased use (because I am not as worried about battery death).

  • halligan1201

    should have specifically mentioned I removed task killer. now by monitoring battery usage I am seeing an app called US Traf. fic that never sleeps and have uninstalled it to see how much more of an increase I get. writing this post from evo at hour 12 with more than 40% left on indication bar.

  • fixed mine

    Turn off the auto sync and background data and run the advanced task killer on crazy-you will be amazed at the increase in battery life

    • Tward291

      all these would slow down ur phone plus what is the reason to have a evo if ur gon to downgrade it to a basic nokia level experience

      • Anonymous

        and turn this off, and that off, and remove this, and remove that. And what do you have? A half ass phone!

        • magicman


          Get over the fact that you aren’t intelligent enough to utilize a real portable computing experience.

          If you want to be buttf*cked by iOS go ahead. But coming from someone that made the transition from iCrap to Android, life hasn’t been sweeter.

          Sure, it is more “complicated”, but those are features. Since I’m not a technologically in-adept monkey, I’m capable of utilizing my phone to its fullest potential.

          I’d much rather use an OS that lets me choose than one that chooses a standard set for me.

  • Touch Pro User

    It's stupid to require or recommend carrying an extra battery.
    I also think the extra $10 for 4G when my area doesn't have 4G is a form of blackmail by Sprint.

    • magicman

      I mean, it isn’t like Sprint has the cheapest rates or unlimited data plans!

      Oh wait, they are the ONLY carrier that does.

  • Knewmannn

    I have tryed , manny different , things to ,get more out of battery for Evo, even purchsed the xtended 1750mah, battery….. does not get any better results , or longer time from it,, what to do,, what to do?????????????


    Well, Well, Well….. So how”s everyones battery? What?!? FROYO didn’t solve the problem? Whatt?!? no “200%” increase in battery life from Sprint? Shocking!. The HTC EVO is a Fair-Good phone at best. And hey, you get good excercize carrying around jumper cable to keep charging the battery. 🙂


      You just mad cuz i’m Stylin on ya.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a suggestion-since Sprint can’t seem to manufacturer a proper battery for their product, without having to “purchase another battery” and carry it around-my suggestion is to look for a different phone!

    • Cbennett52

      I don’t understand all the fuss about the HTC Evo battery life. I have two which I switch out every other week or so. Neither one is the extended battery. For grins, I kept my phone on, in standby, not turning it off and got 77 straight hours out of it. Granted, I didn’t make or take many calls or use it for any web-browsing or anything, I just had it on. Under normal use I easily get 24 hours out of it.

      I don’t use a task killer. I keep GPS on, but wi-fi and the rest disabled. I keep mobile network on as well as maps and marketplace, but everything else for the most part that I can force close, I do, such as sprint TV widget, nascar, Amazon MP3, facebook, Qik, etc. On a side note it does bother me that I can’t keep those things closed, I have to manually do it at start-up.

      What I do is after the day is done, I turn the phone off. I charge it in the morning an hour or two before I need it, and before I unplug it I force close those items I don’t want to run. That’s it. There is no need to “condition” the battery or take any steps other than normal charging, as far as I can tell. If you can’t get what you need on a normal charge you either have a bad battery or too many widgets or you’ve downloaded a game or some other program that “reports back to momma” on a regular basis. Or, you need a laptop, not a phone.

      • mamaevo1

        First of all, if you are able to switch out the original battery “every other week or so” then you must have a different battery than I have. But, then again-“you didn’t make any calls or use it for web-browsing!”
        I, on the other hand bought this phone so that I could make phone calls and use the web. The problem is, that Sprint made this awesome phone that can do just about anything, but made a battery that cannot begin to keep up. If I pay $400.00 for a phone, I expect to be able to make and use the phone throughout the day, play on the web, or play games, and at the very least…get 1 day out of the battery. This is impossible. I have a laptop-a good one, “Apple” and I can use it for 7 or 8 hrs. straight-with just the battery. When you pay good money for something, we expect to receive a quality product, especially in one of the most important parts of the phone-the battery!

        • Cbennett52

          You say it’s impossible to use your phone for one day on a full battery? How long are you using the phone? I have some games I play on it, I check the web, I do whatever, just not for long periods of time. I agree with you, the phone is fantastic and does everything I want it to and more, and I use it for as long as I want with no worries. What are people doing with these phones that the battery doesn’t last? If one wants to web browse for several hours, or watch TV for hours on end, of course the battery will run down. It’s not a big battery. I think people have an unrealistic expectation of battery life. Even with the large screen, viewing web pages or watching TV leaves a lot to be desired so why use it for that?

          Evo HTC users, RELAX, you have a great phone. Having said that, if you want it as a full-on media machine there is no such battery that won’t need to be recharged or kept plugged in. This isn’t just for you, mamaevo1, but everyone, c’mon, if you really are on the phone that much you need some other device.

          FYI, no, I don’t turn off all the bells and whistles on the phone, why have it if that’s the case. I only turn off those apps I don’t ever use, which I mentioned in my other post. Thanks

  • Andy

    I have an EVO — I don’t like to call it 4G because there is no 4G service anywhere I travel or live.
    The battery barely lasts 11 hours. That is with GPS on and nothing else.

    I would avoid this phone. Maybe they will get it right in a few years, but now
    it is not that great. Android will get better (can’t get any worse).

    I would have bought an iPhone but I need the phone part of the phone to work,
    so that one was a non-starter.

    • magicman

      GPS drains A LOT of battery.

  • Black

    Evo is a beast

  • Corysmi130

    If they suggest carrying around an extra battery why not include it in the package.

  • Rucre8tive2

    geez ,,, i only get 3 hours of use from my phone… its very sad,,, sprint should have added an extra battery as well as a dual charging dock to charge phone and extra battery

  • Joey Bags

    download ADVANCED TASK KILLER for free from app store. when done using the apps on your phone simply click on the app which is now at top of your screen and it auto closes all apps from running in background.

    • magicman

      Bad idea, Gingerbread automatically kills apps, and having these task killers is actually detrimental to battery life as this will cause apps to be shut down, and then be reopened.

      It is a better idea for the OS to smartly let applications reside in memory, as this allows for fast start up times, and less CPU bound tasks.


    I tried everything and my EVO battery issue has become a major issue.. If im busy and am using the phone a fair amount I’ll get 3 hours out of it. Because I use it for work, i might have to switch to Apple so I can get a full day out of the battery. The person who said they get 7 to 15 hours out of their evo IS FULL OF IT.

    • magicman

      Nope, I can get a full day EASY out of my phone (I’m taking 24 hours). With HEAVY usage.

      It is all about smart usage: I turn off features I’m not using, manually modulate my brightness, and I’m running a custom ROM (Sense based). I don’t even have to undervolt, underclock, etc.

      • meh

        bull shit

  • magicman

    I really don’t see the issue here.

    I have an Evo and I get the same battery life as my iOS buddies.

    And the difference:

    1. I run a power hungry OS with live wallpapers, Sense, and TRUE MULTITASKING.
    2. I have a MASSIVE screen.
    3. I have 4G (either that or WiFi is on always).

    Honestly, I’m totally happy with the stock battery. I think that HTC made the perfect compromise between performance and size.

    I think that most people would solve many of their issues if they would do a clean install of Gingerbread.

    Better yet, just root the damn thing and unlock its true potential.

  • John

    Carrying an extra battery is not a problem.  Charging a secondary battery is…  I do not know of a way to recharge a second batt while using the EVO…  Perhaps a small deck top charger is available?

  • Rachel

    When I first got my evo I could get a full day out of it easily, but now, at having it for two years, I get three hours out of the phone, I wake up and unplug my phone, and ten minutes later its at 85%… I’ve tried everything to help my battery life but nothing does..

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