Motorola and RIM Settle Licensing and Lawsuit, Pals Again

Whatever lawsuits and litigation RIM and Motorola had between them, it’s all over now. The two companies have just announced that they’ve settled all their squabbles worldwide and will be making up with intellectual property cross-licensing that covers all kinds of patent rights. This is pretty good news for us, the users and consumers, as this will undoubtedly spark further innovation and some hot products and services from the two manufacturers.

Part of the cross-licensing deal involves 2G, 3G, 4G, 802.11 and wireless email technologies. Payments will be ongoing and Motorola is set to receive some royalties as well as up-front payment of sorts. I, for one, am glad to see this sort of thing happening since it seems that these ridiculous patent lawsuits happen every other week and are just about a dime a dozen. It’s good to know that Motorola and RIM are burying the hatchet, finally, and I’m definitely not too sore about wondering what their respective lawyers are going to do with their lives now.

[Via: Motorola]

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