Samsung Galaxy S Pro real after all, spy pics leaked!

While many may be lusting over the Samsung Galaxy S in all it’s Super AMOLED glory, many may have been wanting a Galaxy S option with a keyboard. That option would be the rumored Galaxy S Pro that was whispered about a while back. Well, today we have a real, live picture of the device.

What we’re seeing here is indeed the Galaxy S Pro with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, hence “Pro.” While the keyboard doesn’t look like it’s anything to write home about, it’s still a decent value add that will probably be a deal maker for many out there. Although it could be the lighting of the picture, the seemingly shallow keyboard doesn’t look like it will give too much feedback when the keys are pressed. Even if it’s not the case, a bad keyboard is better than no keyboard, just ask Verizon and their Motorola Droid. The spy pics also show a front-facing camera as well, which is also seen in its keyboard-less companion, the Galaxy S.

It’s good to see they are not sacrificing features because they added a keyboard. The Galaxy S Pro looks to have a more Android look to the four buttons on the bottom, opposed to the three that appear on the S.

Though it could come to all four carriers, as the S is rumored to be doing, the S Pro pictures show the Sprint logo adorning the top of the handset. Could the S Pro be Sprint’s second 4G handset has been leaked. No specs have been disclosed, but if it’s anything like it’s brother, it should sport a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, hummingbird GPU, and 1GHz processor. Adding a keyboard to that mix makes it all the more appealing, but we just need to see how much thickness the QWERTY adds to the very thin Galaxy S.

I never thought I’d say it, but Sprint is now getting some smartphones that are actually good enough to convince us to switch off our current carrier. If the S Pro delivers in all areas that the S does, then I may have to say good buy to the cheap Magenta. Anyone else feel the same way?

[Via: AndroidCommuity]

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    This the Epic no buttons changed at all.

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