Adults Are Guilty of Driving and Texting, Too

If you think driving and text messaging is a huge mistake committed only by teens, you are sorely mistaken. Or perhaps you know that it’s not limited to youngsters because you’re an adult and you’re constantly LOLing on your phone while behind the wheel yourself. Shame on you! We’ve all seen the horrific public service announcements, pleas by carriers and reports of innocent deaths at the hands of texting drivers, so why risk it? After all, several government agencies have been trying to get the act banned for years now, and in many states it’s already illegal.

Pew’s Internet and American Life Project has reported that 27% of adults can’t keep their paws off of their cell phones to fire off text messages while driving. That’s about the same as the number of teens who admitted to doing the same last year, except there is one area where adults do worse than teens. The percentage of adults who were asked about sending and reading texts was 47% whereas the percentage of teens was only 34%. Still, any number greater than zero is just unnecessarily putting everyone involved at risk.

With the deaths, accidents and close calls that have been a result of textig and driving becoming a greater concern each year, I wonder – how hard is it really to wait just a few minutes to pick up the cell phone to read and send a text? I don’t even care how good a driver you think you are because chances are you aren’t that good, so chuck your phone aside and keep your eyes and attention on the road. Nothing makes my heart sink more than hearing about a death or life-changing injury that could have been prevented by ignoring a text message for just a few moments or more.

[Via: Mashable]

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