Sprint HTC EVO 4G supplies dry up – Online stores sold out

Image showing the Sprint HTC EVO 4G in a hand in bright sunlight

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G has once again stirred up enough demand to dry up Big Yellow’s supplies of the hot new Android smartphone. We already knew the EVO 4G was a hot ticket when Sprint stores around the country sold out during the handset’s launch weekend, which actually turned out to not be as hot as some had initially thought. Nevertheless, demand for the Android phone seems to be as strong as ever – Sprint’s online store shows that the device is sold out with no indication of when the carrier will be able to re-up on supplies.

If you go to put in your own order through the Sprint online store, you’ll be greeted with a short “Sold Out” message. We’re told to “Check back later” and that “More are on their way,” but that’s about as specific an answer as you’re going to get at the moment. Of course, when EVO inventory is restocked, you’ll be able to get your hands on the smartphone’s 4.3-inch touchscreen, 1Ghz processor, 8-megapixel camera, HDMI-out port and Android 2.1 OS for $199.99 on-contract.

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Sprint HTC EVO 4G review

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  • me me

    how about an activesync implementation that actually works, so folks don't have to use Touchdown?

  • honkj

    it is "sold out" because HTC pulled them from shelves because of manufacturing defects… but i guess hey, that it sounds better if it is "sold out"….

    • racqueteer

      Do you have a citation for that claim?

    • HaHa

      Another bitter iPhone user.

  • It appears that, once again, Sprint’s new flagship WiMAX smartphone, the Android powered HTC EVO 4G, is sold out online.

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