PocketGPSworld.com’s CamerAlert is apparently the best speed camera alert for the iPhone

PocketGPSworld.com is out with the CamerAlert, touting it as the best speed camera alert app for the iPhone. The reason, according to the press release we got, is that the application is powered by the site’s world renowned Speed Camera Database, serving as a useful safety aid.

In addition to providing users with information where the cameras are located, CamerAlert also displays the driver’s average speed when they are in an area of average speed cameras. Moreover, it also reduces the number of false alerts received by only identifying cameras that monitor their direction of travel — this is accomplished by using both a built-in compass and GPS receiver.

As for the CamerAlert UI, it overlays the camera data on the in-built iPhone map, showing the location, type and distance to the camera. The audible and visual warnings provide full coverage of fixed (including Gatso and Truvelo), mobile (Safety Camera Partnership vans and hand-held laser), red-light, “redspeed” (combined red-light and speed), and SPECS (average speed) cameras.

CamerAlert is an app for the UK market and if you’re an iPhone-equipped British driver, you should definitely considering grabbing it. The price is 0.59 GBP and that money buys you one free database update. To continue receiving database updates, you can subscribe to the service for 19.99 GBP per year.

CamerAlert (0.59 GBP) [iTunes link]

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