Why did Steve Jobs meet with Russian President Medvedev? To give him an iPhone 4, of course!

World politics, global economics, high-level elbow rubbing, and the iPhone 4 were all apparently part of Russian President Demetri Medvedev’s itinerary during his tour of the Silicon Valley in California this week. We had heard rumblings that Apple chief Steve Jobs had a sit down with the Russian leader yesterday, but we were at a loss as to what the two could possibly have to talk about. Turns out, Steve Jobs wanted to give Medvedev the gift of an iPhone 4.

Russia’s Beeline wireless carrier won’t have the iPhone 4 until September, but when you’re the leader of the Cult of Apple and the president of Russia, niggling details like official launch windows don’t really mean anything. We really have no idea what the two discussed – perhaps Jobs wants a ride into space – but we do know that Medvedev walked away with his own iPhone 4.

No word on whether or not the “iPhour” (iPhone +4 = iPhour) in question was of the White or Black variety, but we’d imagine Mr. Medvedev was more than happy to get first crack at the latest Apple smartphone and its almighty Retina Display. Although, we have to wonder how the Russian president will be making FaceTime calls if he’s the only person in Russia with an iPhour.

[Via: TUAW]

  • Teddy Matayoshi

    Maybe Mr. Jobs wants to do FaceTime with Mr. Medvedev or vice versa. You never know…

    • Asad

      hhahaha, so true.

  • roger_rabbit

    Steve Jobs looks _awful_ in this photo, and he's only 55. Medvedev is 42 or 43. He still looks fresh.
    Of course, Jobs is a billionaire many times over (all that $275 a share Apple stock), while Medvedev is not, although he is the President.

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