iPhone 4 Death Grip Reception Problem to be Fixed Monday Via iOS 4 Patch?

The iPhone 4 that was released this week has been plagued by reception drop-offs if the phone is held a certain way (a.k.a the Death Grip), likely due to the antennae assembly wrapping around the device. While that seems like it’s primarily a hardware issue, others had found that their older iPhones that had updated to iOS 4 had the same problem, potentially that there’s nothing necessarily wrong with the iPhone 4’s inherent design, but there’s simply a software-based bug.That being said, there are rumours floating from the Apple technical support forums that as early as Monday, iOS 4.01 will be released which will fix the problem.

So what exactly was the issue, if it wasn’t the hardware?¬† Apparently iOS 4 introduced a new way of picking and choosing wireless frequencies to use, based on noise and signal strength. Clearly something wrong happened there, resulting¬† in the phone opting to find no service at all rather than switch up. Looking at the results of our poll, the Death Grip is far from an isolated incident, and runs rampant on just about every iOS 4 device. Hopefully the baseband will be updated soon, so folks can get back to enjoying that crisp Retina display, 5 megapixel camera with flash, and oodles of apps without having their calls drop and data cut off.

[via Apple Insider]

  • @Branedy

    Pure nonsense, the problem is in the design of the antennas. PERIOD! If there is a fix, it will be apple giving away cases.

  • EngadgetFan89

    Interesting that this patch only suggests a software fix to reception problems on the iPhone 4. Another recent video also shows TRANSMISSION problems when the antenna gap in the lower left of the phone is 'bridged" with a finger. I'm very curious how these external antenna issues will be effectively resolved with software patch. This remains a real FORM over FUNCTION dilemma for Apple. It would be nice if the Apple engineers were more active than their PR department.

  • Chad Cook

    I believe it to be a software issue as I am having major issues with my 3GS. I have re-installed three times with no fix. If no update comes this week , I will have to down grade.

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