Sprint Epic 4G promo video: hip and fun

For those of you pining to get more information on Sprint’s second 4G device, the Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint’s variant of the Galaxy S), you may be happy to see the video below. The promo video showcases some of the Epic 4G’s great features. Move aside HTC EVO 4G, Epic is here.

The video shows a great emphasis on the Super AMOLED display on the Samsung Epic 4G, showing how superior it is to a regular LCD display. Some may think differently about that, especially seeing how it performs under direct sunlight, though it’s not bad – LCD takes the cake on that one. And then there’s always iPhone 4’s Retina Display, which for some may be seeing some yellow spots here and there, but it’s certainly a gorgeous screen. Other highlighted features include the front-facing camera, HD video recording, the 6 axis accelerometer/gyroscope, and of course, the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The video is very upbeat and fun, which is more fast paced than the EVO ad we’ve seen, yet a little less creepy than the teaser ad we caught for the Droid X. This is probably one of the most full-featured smartphones to become available on any carrier in the US. The brilliant screen, coupled with a great keyboard, you’ve got yourself a pretty desirable device. Throw in some 4G, and the hotspot feature, and you’re turning heads like no other. Who knows if this will slow the demand of the EVO, but the Epic 4G is looking mighty fine for power users right now I’d assume.

This summer has got to be one of the most heated in the smartphone wars, with about half a dozen awesome devices to choose from on all carriers (this is counting the Galaxy S’ as one device, since most of them are very similar). Customers have more choices than ever before, and are no longer stuck with a choice of one or two carriers delivering exceptional devices. One can soon walk into any carrier in the US for the most part, and find a powerful, high end device that may or may not suit their needs. If it doesn’t, they can go over to another carrier and see what their flagship phone is. Customers have never had it so good. Here comes the Samsung Epic 4G!

Check out the video after the break!

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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