iPlus 4 BlackBerry Theme Delivers iOS 4 Goodness

iPlus 4 Theme for BlackBerry

iPlus 4 Theme for BlackBerry

You may recall the iLike BlackBerry Theme from HedoneDesign that I told you about last week. It’s an ideal solution if you want to marry the masterful UI of the iPhone with the functionality and business sense of your BlackBerry. If you checked it out, and felt that maybe it just wasn’t for you, a new iPhone-inspired BlackBerry theme has come to the table. Called ‘iPlus 4’, this new theme from BerryMobi brings a lot of iOS 4 deliciousness to your Berry.

As you may have already correctly assumed, iPlus 4 basically ‘skins’ your BlackBerry OS with the look and feel of iOS 4. All of the standard icons and wallpapers are included, and a number of customizations made by BerryMobi make this a solid theme to consider.

Three home screen modes are built-in (full, wallpaper and mini), and each gives you a slightly different way of interacting with your Berry. The full mode features familiar iPhone styling, with all 16 icons front-and-center on your homescreen. The wallpaper mode forces you to touch the Apple-ish icon to reveal your icons. Finally, the mini mode clears out the majority of your homescreen, leaving only your messages, SMS, contacts and calendar in your dock at the bottom. Try them all out to see what you prefer.

iPlus4 is on sale right now, available for $3.99… but the deal ends today. At the end of the day the price will jump back up to $5.99. Just FYI!

iPlus4 theme for BlackBerry ($3.99) [MobiHand link]

Note: If you do purchase and install, be sure to let us know what you think here in the comments… especially if you have an iPhone on-hand to compare the experience to. I know we’re comparing apples and oranges here (pun intended), but it would be cool to hear your thoughts on an iPhone ‘skinned’ BlackBerry OS.

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