Samsung Vibrant brings Galaxy S to T-Mobile today

Friends, your wait is over to get your hands on Samsung’s best smartphone today – the Samsung Galaxy S is available on T-Mobile today as the Samsung Vibrant. The Vibrant is also T-Mobile’s best device they have ever carried without question. Well, the Vibrant is available online and at your local Magenta store, starting today.

The Vibrant is a media powerhouse, with a 4 inch Super AMOLED display, 1 GHz Hummingbird processor that sports a GPU most handsets would die to have. The 5-megapixel camera captures HD 720p video. The phone fully supports DLNA, so you can stream music and videos to your DLNA supported TV or gaming console, with a TV-out option using a 3.5mm-headphone-jack-to-AV cable. Unfortunately, you’re on your own trying to find one of those, though. We hear Radio Shack and Fry’s Electronics stock them.

You can get your Vibrant for $199 on a two year contract, or opt for the contract free plan with the carrier, and pay off the device over the course of 20 months. Phew is all I’ve got to say, as the MyTouch Slide really can’t compete with many of the super phones this summer.

There’s another Android phone coming out today, too, and the device has many tricks up its sleeve, good and bad. If I were to go buy a phone today, I’d definitely go with the Vibrant. T-Mobile’s latest handset comes with the full Avatar movie pre-loaded to help show off the Super AMOLED display’s rich colors and high contrast. The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant also comes pre-loaded with Sims 3, MobiTV, and Kindle app. None of those are necessarily enough to make me want the device, but I’m guessing many people will find the apps at least somewhat useful.

Unfortunately, since every carrier will be receiving a Samsung Galaxy S device, T-Mobile is likely not going to see many new customers switching from another carrier.

So what do you say, T-Mobile customers? You willing to go out and give their best device to date a try? I know I’ll make it down to a T-Mobile store at some point today to play with the carrier’s latest and greatest.

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Superphone Shootout – A look at Summer 2010’s hottest superphones

  • Tasha

    I'll be switching to T-MOBILE from AT&T because at&t they decide to get rid of unlimited data plan. I don't have data plan with them before because i'm waiting for the new iphone 4. Since the Iphone 4 don't do so well as a phone.. we decided to switch. I'm sure T-MOBILE will appreciate my business. And over all, our phone bill is lower. and the vibrant is buy one get one free! (=

  • Mike Honcho

    The Samsung Vibrant is gangster! Just picked it up this morning and it's so sick. Smooth interface and sleek design – it's like an iphone that you can actually use to make phone calls (what a crazy concept)

  • Vi7

    Already with T-Mobile – great company (have been with Alltel, Verizon, and Nextel back in the day)! Plus, I've been waiting for this phone! Was thinking of getting the new iPhone (and getting it unlocked) before I heard about the Vibrant and all the iPhone problems. Ready to go pick this up!

  • myat

    don't forget about Tmobile HSPA+ network if you are living one the major city.
    I heard that it is somwhat comparable to sprint 4G
    i'm getting myself one prerodered at

    • keke

      I just got mine at a t-mobile store in San Francisco…and the best thing is that they MATCHED the price being offered on…$99. That's already a saving of $100 off the in-store price. I am SO HAPPY!!!!

  • sue hingle

    I love it so far, better than my iphone.

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