Verizon Motorola Droid X vs Sprint HTC EVO 4G

Image showing Sprint HTC EVO 4G vs Verizon Motorola Droid X
Image showing Sprint HTC EVO 4G vs Verizon Motorola Droid X

If you’re in the market for an Android OS superphone packed with all the bells and whistles available today, the Verizon Motorola Droid X and Sprint HTC EVO 4G should be high on your short-list – both phones made the cut for our Superphone Shootout, which says a lot. Both phones pack a speedy 1Ghz processor, an 8-megapixel camera, HDMI-out port and the kind of big-screen entertainment options that is rarely seen, even in the superphone category. So, we thought you might like to see how the Droid X and the EVO 4G compare in a little side-by-side duel to the death.

Well, actually, it’s not really a duel to the death, more like a friendly game of checkers, where nobody loses. Because, after all, when you’re talking about smartphones with 4.3-inch displays and cameras that have more pixels than point-and-shoot digital cameras from just a few years ago, you really can’t go wrong with either choice. But, seeing as how different folks prefer different strokes, let’s take a look at how the Sprint HTC EVO 4G compares to the Verizon Motorola Droid X.

When it comes to hardware, both the Droid X and the EVO 4G are packing some serious heat. Both rock a 4.3-inch display. Both have an applications processor clocked at 1Ghz. And, both have HDMI-out ports that will allow you to stream videos from your phone to an external monitor or TV in full 720p HD resolution (with audio, no less – video demo here). Then there’s the fact that both Android superphones sport 8-megapixel cameras that will probably put your dinky digital camera of only a handful of years ago to shame. So, what’re the differences?

Well, for starters, the Droid X is a larger phone. It’s thinner, for the most part (camera bulge notwithstanding), than the EVO, but it’s also taller. It’s not too much taller, but it does make a difference when putting an already sizable smartphone slab in your skinny jean pockets. The Droid X also sports physical navigation controls on its front face, whereas the EVO uses capacitive (touch-sensitive) buttons on its front face. The buttons on the X wiggle around a bit, so that’s something to consider if build-quality niggles like that are important to you.

Both phones are also covered in a soft-touch, rubberized finish, which makes for a great in hand feel. The Droid X feels more “rubbery,” while the EVO feels more “spongy.”

Oh, and the kicker in the hardware department is the HTC EVO 4G’s front-facing camera and its integrated kickstand. The Motorola Droid X can lay claim to none of these features.

While both superphones might be running Android 2.1 OS, they use entirely different homescreen skins that set them apart. The Verizon Motorola Droid X uses a refreshed version of Motorola’s MotoBlur UI, while the Sprint HTC EVO 4G goes with HTC’s Sense UI. Both skins offer much the same information and widgets, but present them in different ways.

The camera app on the Droid X is a little more finicky than the EVO 4G’s camera app. Both support touch-focus – allowing you to determine focus points by tapping on the screen – but the X requires that you drag the focus box, where the EVO allows you to simply tap anywhere on the screen to set a focus point.

The phone dialer on the EVO 4G also takes top-billing with a numeric keypad that allows to you tap out contact names rather than dialing a number. As you tap out names, the dialer will bring up contact suggestions that match the combination of letters you’ve just tapped out. Droid X dialer is a number-only dialer, requiring you to pull up the Contacts tab if you need to look up a friend’s phone number.

Both devices offer a WiFi Hotspot feature as well. For this, though, we have to hand it to Motorola for putting a 3G Mobile Hotspot shortcut right on the homescreen – which makes it all that much more convenient to start up the hotspot feature. It takes a bit more effort to access the hotspot feature on the EVO – not that much more, but enough to make a difference.

In the end, both superphones are more than capable of making you one happy Android user. Either handset can hold its own in a smartphone market that has unsurprisingly come into its own over the past year or so, giving even the venerable iPhone a run for its money. You really can’t go wrong with the Droid X or the EVO 4G, but for the sake of helping you pull the trigger on either one, let us break down the pros and cons of each handset below.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G

The Good

  • Flagrantly large 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display
  • Integrated kickstand. Yes, it has a kickstand
  • HTC Sense UI
  • HDMI-out port
  • 4G for high speed data (where available)
  • Mobile Hotspot feature (with additional monthly fee)
  • Red-colored design elements/accents
  • Multi-touch support
  • Best camera of the pair
  • Front-facing camera
  • Simultaneous voice and data when in 4G markets

The Bad

  • Battery life is the worst of the pair
  • MicroSD under the battery (have to reboot phone when changing microSD cards)
  • Non-standard HDMI port
  • Battery life (or lack thereof. Did we mention that already?)
  • No simultaneous voice and data in 3G-only areas
  • Big for small hands and tight pockets

Verizon Motorola Droid X

The Good

  • Large 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display that isn’t unwieldy
  • HDMI-out port
  • Three mics for improved sound quality and audio recording
  • MotoBlur has been tastefully scaled back
  • Easily accessed Mobile Hotspot feature (with additional monthly fee)
  • Camera’s not perfect but it’s good enough to replace your point-and-shoot device
  • Multi-touch keyboard rocks and Swype’s preloaded
  • Thinnest phone of the bunch (camera bulge notwithstanding)

The Bad

  • Screen is good but doesn’t have the “wow factor” of iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S
  • You have to remove battery to change the microSD card
  • Non-standard HDMI port
  • Some of the physical buttons felt cheap
  • Despite the improvements, MotoBlur is still kind of useless
  • No simultaneous voice and data
  • No kickstand

Check out the video below for a better look at how the two superphones match up. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Sprint HTC EVO 4G review here and our Verizon Motorola Droid X review here and our Superphone Shootout here.
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  • wrlsfanatic

    No verdict? Weak. Come on… it's pretty clear which phone is better in your opinion. Just spell it out.

    • wonderingandroid

      Which phone did you think was better in their opinion? I didn't get a sense that they were favoring one or the other straight off.

      • Aimeie

        I currently own both the EVO and Droid X, both running their official builds of Gingerbread. The EVO is better. I don’t even understand why the Droid X owners are putting up such a fight. 

  • marin

    Droid X is where it's at for my money.



    • gabe

      valentino is quite mis-informed. Wimax that sprint is using albeit only in a very few places runs about 5mbps with max of around 10mbps. Wimax is not LTE!!!! Sprint 4g is more like 3.5G. LTE on the other hand maintains around 10-12mbps but the maximum technology can see up to 100mbps. Sprint is making a huge mistake in being the only carrier to run wimax, the technology will die just as well as sprint. As far as these phones go they are both awesome but one point everyone is missing is dlna sharing which is only available on the x. Wireless stream videos, pics, hd vids, and files from any dlna certified device!!! That puts the win for the x!!

    • phil

      Wimax rev2….Twice the speed of LTE. Sprint is the only company with enough spectrum to deploy wimax and LTE which they’re considering. Sprint+Wimax 2= LTE face palmed.

      • donnie

        have to agree with phil… plus if ya refer to the sprint web site and review the tech specs this evo blows the Droid X out of the water. And FYI it does allow streaming video, included Video chat via the QiK app. The question is what doesnt the EVO do. There is a reason you can walk into any Vorizon store and pick up a Droid X with in ten minutes, And good LucK trying to get your hands on the EVO.. Pack a lunch and camp out over night in front of the sprint stores because the EVO is a best seller. It stays sold out even on line. It’s like comparing the Love Boat to the Titanic. Epic Evolutions. Great phone. It’s well worth the adventure to get your hands on one. And Camping out in front of the store is Fun. I even ordered Pizza using my old Droid LOL.

    • Jasmine

      4G may be good but it’s pointless when its not available in your area. Honestly, I think without 4G the Evo is really nothing impressive. Why pay extra for something you can’t get in your area?

  • james

    Wow pretty weak to down rank the evo for not having a shortcut on the home screen, you can put one anywhere on any of your seven home screens. And what about unlimited compared to two gig cap with Verizon(with no 4g) and the x has no 4g option sad

    • Guest

      Verizon doesn't have a 2 gig data cap as far as I know.

      • DOID X

        what 2gig cap you talkin about att not vzw.

        • Josh

          Unlimited data, 2gb cap for tethering on X.

          • Jesse

            Josh you happen to be wrong, I work for Verizon and know that there is NO “cap” on the internet usage if you choose to pay for theunlimited plan. ATT has a cap and they tell customers/ potential customers that they dont see very many people go over 2 GB, which as most of us know is load of crap. The internet you use while tethering is the same internet you use for your phone, which would mean it is unlimited if you pay for unlimited. Which happens to be $5 more a month for the same plan as ATT but you get unlimited internet usage instead of a cap and screw.

  • haz

    I know this is too much to ask for, but for the love of all that is holy STOP trying to make the camera on these phones (ANY phone really) sound better than they are. MegaPixel count means almost nothing when it comes to actual picture quality and at least with the X, it has been proven to be rather disappointing from many reviews that I have read… when it takes 2 or 3 attempts to get a good shot, that's not a good thing. I honestly do not know how well the EVO's camera… and after watching the video, I still don't.

    Also the HDMI output is a feature that no one is ever going to use, but you guys are harping on about it like it's some gotta-have-it feature. AND on top of that, you didn't mention that the X can only output pictures and some video to HDMI, and I believe won't let you output all video types (possibly due to DRM) and definitely won't output the actual desktop image. It would be nice to read/see a review that was thorough enough to clarify those issues.

    It would be nice to get a comparison of the battery life. The EVO is supposed to have horrible battery life, and the X's is supposed to be not that bad, but I would think a "head-to-head" video would actually mention and test out something like that.

    And last but not least, last time I checked these were PHONES… not a single mention of voice quality. Speakerphone quality, loudness, ringers, etc. This is like reading a car review where the reviews don't even mention how the cars are like when driving them.

    I am very tempted to get the X – even with the negative things I have read about it – but if there were some other issues with the phone, I'd like to find out about them BEFORE I actually buy it. You know, that's why I come to sites like these… for information and not just regurgitated press releases.

    Tell you what, give me these 2 phones and I'll review them with information pertinent to buyers… because I would be willing to bet that a large percent of buyers for either of these phones are new to smartphones or at least new to Android. The would actually like to know what they are like to use, not simply going down a few simple bulletpoints of features that we can read from any company's website.

    (and yes, I might sound snarky but I was looking for WAY more information from something that claims to be a "head-to-head"… and on top of that my fish Fluffy just died)

    • Milind

      >> Also the HDMI output is a feature that no one is ever going to use, but you guys are harping on
      >> about it like it’s some gotta-have-it feature.

      Talk for yourself! I would have loved HDMI output on the Vibrant. I have taken some video at 1280×720. It looks pretty good on its own merit and excellent for a phone. If the phone had an HDMI out, I could have seen it on my HD TV which doesn’t have an internet connection so can’t use DLNA (actually I do have an HTPC, so I can use DLNA through it), but most people don’t so I can’t immediately take a video and have people enjoy it.

      I know there is an USB to HDMI cable, but it’s ridiculous to have to pay $50 for a proprietary cable when a more readily available and cheap standard HDMI cable could have worked. I think it’s a big plus on the EVO and certainly worth mentioning.

      I’m not suggesting that the EVO is a better phone. Both have their pros and cons. Not having an HDMI out on the Vibrant is a con.

  • Guilty

    I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned that HTC Evo’s hotspot is up to 8 devices instead of 5 on Droid X and its unlimited data. Not to also mention can be used on 4g. Both great devices but I think Evo has better features and I like most tech sights prefer HTC sense to Motorola

  • dill2010

    how’s your battery life on that 4G bud!? haha

  • Guilty

    I also forgot to mention to some that the hdmi out on Droid X is very restricted to what you can play. On all reviews that have tested it it was only really good for play back video you’ve recorded. Not as much functionality as the Evo. Maybe they will have a software update come later but if you aren’t planning on using the hdmi out then no big deal.

  • ARR22

    Good review, but guy in the video must not know the EVO has a front facing camera, thus giving it another edge over the Droid X. And I believe the Droid X has DLNA support. But the FFC is more obvious.

  • jg

    Evo is hands down much better, HTC sense is more refined than ninja blur it also has kickstand, 4g, front facing camera no data cap and let’s face the only reason the x is thiner is cause of the hump and its taller also u should check out CNET cellphone reviews u could watch both and compare them evo is rated 8.7 scoring to CNET while the Droid x is rated at 8.0 at I also have used both phones and can tell u that evo has a better camera and I like its widgets better

    • Damian

      Have you run your own benchmarks? have you found out that the EVO is one of the slowest 1ghz phones on the market right now? yes sense is a much better interface but i like having things like 60FPS on my screen and not the 30 that the EVO is locked at. my Droid X out preforms my roommates evo and the Droid incredible i traded in for my X.

    • martin

      The Droid X has no data cap. The Droid X was rated 8.3 at CNet. The Evo has the exact same camera hardware. The Droid X also has a higher screen resolution.

    • Josh

      Everyone says that the droid x has no kickstand. This is not entirely true. There is a snap-on case for the x that has a kickstand. So this should not be a deciding factor when getting one of these phones.

  • verizonstinks

    What about MOTO’s special chip in the X that disables the phone if you put a custom ROM on it.

    No company should have the right to do that (probably more Verizon’s doing than MOTO if I had to wager) to a device you pay a large sum of money for.

    Hands down this fact alone makes the Evo the CLEAR winner.

    • Damian

      You do realize it's not Motorola that has some kind of special chip.. the eFuse is built into the one of the chips thats made by Texas Instruments. the Milestone has the same chip and they have hacked that.

    • martinq

      It doesn't disable the phone. The Evo has one too.

  • ohmarni

    Really, guys? I don’t mean the article. I’m talking about these ridiculously hostile comments. Android fanboys are getting as bad as or worse than Apple fanboys. Rude. It’s so stupid to get all bent out of shape over a phone review. They’re both great phones, and they’re similar enough that the only real deciding factor is which carrier you prefer. I have an EVO because I’m a Sprint customer. If I were a Verizon customer, I would get the Droid X. I got a G1 on launch day. Ironically, that was my reason for moving to Sprint. Coverage suddenly really mattered to me when I had a phone I truly used all the time. The beauty of Android is choice. I love that I have the choice between all carriers. As for the person who wants to know how my battery life is working out on the EVO…I get about 10-12 hours out of it with pretty heavy use. Should my battery die, I have two more in my pocket.

    • Milind

      Couldn’t have put it better myself. Not just these two, but many of the newer Android devices are excellent. Android is now doing exactly what it promised – give us the ability to pick a phone based on what is important to each individual – carrier, size, resolution, keyboard etc. No phone is going to have everything we want. But these phones now have enough combination of features for most of us to be delighted. Backed by a top notch OS.

  • Egor

    dual or duel to the death???

  • Usage Geek


  • Diego!

    I think both phones look amazing!

    Both may present different specifications, but I've seen test in both of them and I mus say they are really fast phones.
    I just wish both HTC and Motorola released a GSM version of both phones so I can buy them and use them in my country. 🙂

  • n3w

    You can place a 3G mobile hotspot shortcut on the homescreen of the EVO as well….

  • Evo

    htc evo all the way. its like the secret of the smart phones is doesn't get too much attention on commercial/Ads. Plus sprints price for unlimited plans are AWESOME! People need to stop being so closed minded.

  • @pfretty

    Thank you for the insightful review/comparison of two leading Android phones.

  • rick

    I tested both phones and i have to say the evo doesnt feel like a cheap plastic phone as the driod does. Both are cadillacs in my opinion but u cant put a pretty girl in an ugly dress and thats what driod did.

    • Gavin

      the driod is made of metal


    Watched the video comparison and, while the written comparison is slightly more precise, still felt that it was a biased politically correct piece of crapola; probably along the lines of, Windows Mobile 7 will be the best Windows Mobile ever (and, I wasted 7 years with WinMo).
    Firstly, the video makes no the mention of the front facing camera.
    Secondly, I played with a Droid X this past weekend and, it really feels like a cheap toy compared to the EVO. Thirdly, the UI on the EVO seems much smoother, whereas the X’s seems clumsy and not well thought out; could be Motorola’s Blur (blurring the whole thing) or yet another one of Verizon’s bootloader ROM bakes, attempting to limit the End-Users (namely, their customers). I am not simply stating this in defense of the EVO, I also happen to still be under service with Verizon and, while I have been reluctant to relinquish my stand-alone Unlimited Smartphone Data Plan of $42.50 after corporate discount, realize that Verizon will always find a way to screw up any phone so it’s best just to let that no longer in existence plan go. On the Sprint front and coming from Big Red, I find my 3G Data uploads and downloads faster; I haven’t experienced any dropped calls or call issues; and, actually quite happy with my EVO 4G and Sprint’s service, albeit 3G!
    Adieu Le Grande Rouge et Au Revoir !!!

  • j d

    The porno is gr8!!!!haha htc evo all the way

  • Android obsessed

    Droid X = Cheap Motorola TRASH !!!

  • Paul

    I have had “cell” phones since the bag phones, now tp2 w/ nrg rom & spb shell, evo4G & crackberry tour for work. The evo by far is the best phone I have owned

  • Joe

    So the EVO is a much better device. Any comments about the carrier? Isn't Verizon's national coverage much better than Sprint's? I know the unlimited plans are better with Sprint, but if you travel a lot it makes sense to pick a carrier that provides the best coverage right.

    • DWilliams

      I had Sprint for 5 years .. then Verizon for 8 .. I am back to Sprint for the last 3 years. The pricing on Sprint is great in comparison (almost 1/2 the price … especially if you use GPS, sprint includes it in their plan).

      I have clients that travel and they have Verizon, I went with them to an event and I had full service …they could not call one another in the same building.

      So as far as larger coverage goes, I think it is about the same … some places Sprint will work better some places Verizon.

      • Tyler

        Why in the world would you PAY for the GPS when you can use google maps navigation for free?

    • J5T

      Yeah, Verizon has more coverage but, it will cost you, it would cost me $200 a month on Verizon, on Sprint is $150 including all features, Nav, TV, Radio, Data, etc on 2 phones and probably the second best network behind Verizon ( if it is any better). ATT has more 3g coverage(fastest network, maybe because of their small foot print) than T mobile. T mobile's 3g is really small but, is cheaper than Verizon or ATT.
      Therefore, for me Sprint would be the logical choice. And yes, both devices have very nice features, the Evo has more options, any of them are a better choice than iphone.

  • CircuitBurner

    No contest at all. Screw the articles, they are biased. The EVO far exceeds any other phone in almost all areas. Sprints network is also far better than whoever 2nd place is. Unlimited data on my plan and I can host 8 different local area network IPs (8 computers) with the root running thru a 4G connection. And also, the wireless access point (router) in the EVO has great radio range all thru the house. I havent even used the front facing camera yet (Skype for this phone isnt ready yet, but coming).

  • CircuitBurner

    And probably the most kick ass thing I ever did with a handheld device, ever, is install a 20 dollar application allowing me to run a remote desktop of my home server…with absolutely flawless and fast response…its like having a Quad Xeon workstation running windows vista 64bit ultimate edition (yes, this vista really works great on the 64 bit machine) running on my handheld phone. I can be sitting out somewhere, and bring up my desktop, with two-finger pinch and drag zoom, and launch software like Dreamweaver or Flash (full versions) and edit websites and alter complex online objects…from a phone!
    Holy cow… thats power! A couple years ago, I would seriously doubt ever seeing this capability even within 10 years!!! If a client calls with a problem and Im out in the feild or away from home, I can easily launch a new remote desktop and provide technical assistance to any windows computer running win2000 or above.
    Yes…this my friends is pure energy…. EVO. Nothing even comes close.

    • Chris

      RDP is purely a software application and has absolutely nothing to do with the devices.

  • Robert

    My wife has an Evo and i have the droid x. I get 3G all the time my wife gets 2 bars with the evo please stop with 4G who has it? Sprint's network is not that good… The benchmarks on the droid make the Evo look like a baby.
    By the way no one uses the ffc. DROID X….

    • Marc Flores

      4G is available in quite a few places, and most people I know who use those 4G services have reported pretty good results. I was using Sprint’s Overdrive Hotspot in Las Vegas for CES and it worked great over WiMax. Sprint’s network is amazing, in my opinion, and highly underrated. But of course this all depends on where you live. In cities like L.A., NYC and SF, I find the Sprint network to be better than Verizon and AT&T in many cases.

      Voice quality is almost always solid and I get download speeds of anywhere between 600kbps and 2Mbps. I’m happy with my EVO, but the Droid X is also a great phone. I nearly went with it before the EVO, but I just happen to like Sprint’s plans a little better.

      When it comes to network strength and reliability, location is everything. And in some areas, some carriers are better than others.

  • Chris

    No mention that the CPU/GPU hardware of the Droid X runs ridiculous circles around the Evo's Snapdragon and the 854×480 screen being higher res.

    The rest of the differences like the front camera, 4g (since it's limited areas), kick stands, etc. are just meaningless bragging points to post on internet forums that 99% of users won't use in the real world after they are done showing off to their friends the first week.

    By the time that 4G matters, both phones will be obselete.

    Faster CPU, faster GPU, higher res screen, and lower energy (longer battery life) 45nm process to use it all day, take a front seat to rotating blinking whirly doo dahs that won't see daily use.

  • CircuitBurner

    Come, out of the cave …

  • Anonymous

    It irks me: just because both phones have 4.3 inch screens doesn't mean they are the same size of screen. When people picture screen size, they think of screen real estate. If 4.3 inches is the exact dimension, the evo has 8.1573 square inches of screen real estate, and the droid x has 7.8976 quare inches of real estate. Its a small difference, but the screens are *not* the same size.

  • oxt13

    Please, check your spelling of the word "duel" when you use it more than once in an article.

  • Carmen C.

    I've hed top of the line phones for 15 Years now and my EVO is the future. I have it totally hooked up and I still get 15hrs of battery life using internet and syncing apps. Reset your config and the battery is fine… Its the best phone out hands down Qik video chat is excellent also.. lets see X do that oh and 4G service in Vegas is lightnig quick again lets see X do that. Winner…. EVO!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually the x is better

  • Vanessa

    First, I would like to point out that you can use voice and 3G data at the same time on the HTC Evo 4G.

    Anyway, the Evo's UI is better. The only kind of person I'd recommend MotoBlur for is someone obssesed with social networking, but HTC Sense can have your socail networks streamed straight to your homescreen as well. The plan pricing is better with Sprint but coverage is better with Verizon. Sprint's network is good so you should only fret if you find yourself traveling to remote areas often.

  • speedriff

    I have owned both the EVO and the Droid X. I returned them both for different reasons. I got both the first day they were out. Here are my impressions.

    EVO: Nice phone with a sleek interface(senseUI), 4G is a joke, at least in the Atlanta area. If you walk 10 feet you may have it or lose it…toss a coin. Other than that is is a really great phone with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, Sprint has a lot of dead spots in the ATL area. So…I went back to Verizon. Actually I never left I just tried the EVO and really wanted it as the phone is nice and their plan is cheap in comparison.

    Droid X: Great screen, strange noise cancelling mics. My friend also has the X and when you aren’t talking there is zero ambient noise in the earpiece which leads to alot of, “Are you still there?” Yes but it sounds like the call was dropped. Wi-fi is bad…really bad. As one reviewer pointed out it seem like it can’t decide if it is on wi-fi or 3G so it just stalls and only a reset (power off/on) or waiting it out resolves the problem. Yes, I had the current 2.1 update and the reviewer who did the browser shootout was using 2.2 Froyo. I returned this phone because the screen would jitter and lock. When I say lock I mean it would just sit there and jitter (think swiping your finger back and forth across the screen really fast). A call would come in and the screen would change but you couldn’t answer it. It also dumped some emails from a client of mine. I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t gmail but seeing as this was the glitchiest phone I have ever owned…I have to think it was the X. I did like the Swype feature but that wasn’t enough to make up for the stuttering screen (a different problem when scrolling) and the jitter/lockup/wi-fi thing.

    Conclusion?: HTC makes a nice phone and I will just wait a bit to see what else is coming down the pipe for Verizon. Sure, I want a new superphone but not enough to be locked into a 2 year contract with poor performance or service. The Droid X was just plain unimpressive (after the initial newness wears off) and needs alot of work.

    As an afterthought, my girfriend got the HTC Incredible and so far it seems to be a great phone. All phones have their problems and even the mighty iPhone has it’s archilles heel…AT&T. My friend called me this evening trying his buddies new iPhone 4 and 20 seconds into the call, it dropped…lol. It all comes down to what you can live with. One day we might be lucky enough to adopt the European open, unlocked carrier standard. Until then we seem to have to make tradeoffs. Bummer.

    • name

      so if you returned both…what do you have now

  • PaulRx74

    For me personally I liked the Droid X better but they are both great phones. I worked with someeone last week that had an EVO and I was really impressed with that phone as well. I also really liked the iPhone by the way but I didn't want AT&T. My main reason for getting a new phone was to change away from Sprint because I had serious problems with their newtwork. I have noticed a big improvement with Verizon and I couldn't be happier. As far as which phone is better: who cares. Get the one that fits your own personal needs and don't worry about what the tech geeks argue about on the internet. They will always over analyze the stats/features of each phone to death even if it is trivial little things that 98% of phone owners don't use anyway. Go to the stores and play with all of the phones and get the one you want and don't worry about the internet phone wars in the forums by people that have way too much free time and way too little sense. These phones are all mini-computers now that are packed full of impressive features and there should be at least one phone that will please even the most discriminating taste IMHO!

  • Lalo

    Man Droid X is by far way better, and someone down here is pointing out that the EVO has 4G, sure it does but what good is it if its not avaliable to you. After all, Sprints "4G Network" is only avaliable in the east coast currently, Verizon is going 4G by the end of this year and all phones, including Droid X, will be avaliable to upgrade.

    • Forest

      Uhm, no you are incorrect. You cannot “upgrade”” the hardware on the Droid X to a GSM receiving chip…It is on a CDMA network currently. Read your facts straight. When you meant upgrade, you probably meant upgrade the Android Software to 2.2 Froyo,

      I have a Droid X, but I know that this phone will be severely outdated once 4G is released. (You are also wrong about the release date). Verizon will not release 4G to consumers until the beginning of next year. Right now, it is still currently in testing.

      I also had the HTC Incredible, and I loved the Sense UI compared to MotoBlur…However, I prefer the bigger screen and Verizon’s network, so I went for the Droid X. Both phones (EVO and Droid X) are good, it just depends on what network you want to have.

    • damac101

      I agree with Lalo, all good things will come! 4G is too new to base a phone descision on for now..Heck look at the 3d TV’s, let’s go invest thousands of dollars to watch a couple of 3d movies. By the time 4G is really up and running everywhere my new 2 year contract will be up and then I will upgrade to a 4G cell phone….

      I originally placed an order for the EVO mainly because of the Nascar Sprint Cup application, after waiting 3+ weeks with no ship date I cancelled my order and ordered the X. 7 days later it’s in my hand. So in my opinion the X wins because of it ‘s availability!!! I do not live in a 4G area, dont care about the front facing camera or kick stand…I have a big ass TV in the den for watching movies. If you are traveling (airport etc..) where the hell are you going to set it anyway? Like someone mentioned earlier, what about the basics? Since it is a “cell phone” not a lap top I am more concerned about call quality, coverage etc……Both phones are obviously top of the line and have more bells and whistles than a majority of the general public will even use (after the new wears off and your friends are sick of you bragging about it) .

  • WJL

    I agree with all of these comments but like one person said you should base your purchase on your personal needs, finances, and coverage in your area. I am a present AT&T subscriber and i would be a fool to go backward in service to sprint please refer to this site and select Telecom. The Droid X and EVO are too close in comparison to make that move. The Droid X got my vote when i read numerous post of sprint subscribers all paying extra $10 for 4g services and there on 3g which applies to my area. At-least, with Verizon you get what you pay for with no empty promises.

  • name

    i live in dc and verizon is the only decent network here due to the fact that they have the most towers and monopolize atenna’s in the underground metro system. i spent a sad couple years watching other people on the train talking on their phone while mine had no service. NEVER AGAIN. i will take a picture in the mirror and balance the phone on a book before i deal with bad coverage. and even if you dont travel all the time – believe me when you do – that is always when you need your phone to work the most.

  • MX5J6

    I love how people are complaining about biased reviews then knock the DX because it has no front facing camera or kickstand. If you’e so obsessed with those 2 options then what happens when you go to upgrade to a new phone that may not have either of those? Will you never upgrade until there is another phone with both of those features? It’s just a ridiculous arguement.
    Some people prefer HTC over Moto, it’s as simple as that. I personally like Moto but that doesn’t mean HTC is terrible and the Evo sucks. It just means that I like what I like. I also happen to much prefer Verizon’s coverage where i live than Sprint or any other provider. I always have great service no matter where I go so I stay with Verizon. People really need to stop being so hypocritical and just think before they type. Personal prefrence is really all it comes down to when you have two phones with very identical specs.
    So for me it’s the Motorola Droid X,. I have been with Verizon for years which is why I pick the X. If I had been a Sprint customer for years and their coverage was better in my area I’d have an Evo. Simple as that.
    P.S. It is official, Andorid fanboys are neck and neck with Apple fanboys, how sad.

  • Ashraf

    I’ve been with Verizon for so many years, and they have great customer service.

    I’ve always heard about how Sprint Customer Service not so good.

    I’ve tested heavily Verizon Droid X and Sprint EVO 4G to decide which one to choose for me and my wife.

    They are VERY Identical. But for me, Sprint EVO 4G Won (10-9).

    Below are the major 19 factor that are different that I care about (everything else matches):

    1- Cost for 2 years (EVO wins)
    2- Front Face Camera (EVO Wins)
    3- Battery Life (DROID Wins)
    4- Camera Button (DROID Wins)
    5- Good Charger Location (EVO Wins)
    6- Customer Service and Network (DROID Wins)
    7- Zoom and Align Text when clicked (EVO Wins)
    8- Swype (DROID Wins)
    9- Skype (DROID Wins)
    10- Weight (DROID Wins)
    11- 4G Network (EVO Wins)
    12- Sound Quality (EVO Wins)
    13- Speed Test at Home (DROID Wins)
    14- Speed Test at Work (EVO Wins)
    15- 16 GB Sim Card (DROID Wins)
    16- Sprint Navigator Free/VZ Navigator Extra Charge (EVO Wins)
    17- Banner Info Always on top (DROID Wins)
    18- Easy to find phone contacts (EVO Wins)
    19- AutoFind when Searching for Application at Market (EVO Wins)

    I’ve been with Sprint since the beginning of this month and so far, Sprint Customer Service is very good, I also heard that they’ve improved the last two-three years.

    Good luck with your decision making.

    • Jessica

      Actually, Navigation on the Droid X is free using Google Maps (FREE DOWNLOAD). And it was already preloaded on my Droid.

    • yo mama

      smd and kysasap

    • yo mama

      smd and kysasap


    I will echo those who point out that it all comes down to preference with these phones and what features matter to you the most. I personally own a Droid Incredible atm which I love and has been the best phone I’ve ever owned hands down. It’s rooted and does the mobile hotspot/wireless tether which I don’t pay separately for but use from time to time. For me personally I’m waiting for VZW to release the HTC Merge. This is supposed to be the EVO twin for VZW but slightly better if only b/c it’s newer and will have some new features. What matters to me the most is a phone that will be somewhat future proof in that it will be able to utilize LTE at some point, have the large 4.3″ screen, and fwd facing camera. Why is the fwd facing camera important? Well if you’re in the military like I am, video conferencing whenever you get a free min is a plus and don’t have access to a laptop or desktop with a camera. Why is LTE important? That goes without saying as we’ll finally be able to do data and voice at the same time like the GSM boys; not that VZWs 3G can’t, they just never intended it to work that way. So for me if I had the opportunity to choose and I had to pick either one I’d go EVO/Merge for the features stated above. What puts me off about the DX other than the missing features stated above is the cheesy buttons on the botton and Motoblur…can’t stand Motorola’s UI. I played with my buddies original Moto Droid this week and it just irritated the crap out of me some of the things it wouldn’t do that I kept saying in my head…my incredible has this or does that…..maddening. It’s my humble opinion that HTC Sense has UIs perfected for the most part while others are still catching up.
    Please don’t flame me, these are again my own personal opinions and caveats with both phones and something to consider for those opting to buy either or wait for the next latest and greatest.


    Both of these phones are awesome, but I will echo those who point out that it all comes down to preference with these handsets and what features matter to you the most. I personally own a Droid Incredible atm which I love and has been the best phone I’ve ever owned hands down. It’s rooted and does the mobile hotspot/wireless tether which I don’t pay separately for, but use from time to time. For me personally I’m waiting for VZW to release the HTC Merge. This is supposed to be the EVO twin for VZW but slightly better if only b/c it’s newer and will have some new features. What matters to me the most is a phone that will be somewhat future proof in that it will be able to utilize LTE at some point, have the large 4.3″ screen, and fwd facing camera. Why is the fwd facing camera important? Well if you’re in the military like I am, video conferencing whenever you get a free min is a plus and don’t have access to a laptop or desktop with a camera. Why is LTE important? That goes without saying as we’ll finally be able to do data and voice at the same time like the GSM boys; not that VZWs 3G can’t, they just never intended it to work that way. So for me if I had the opportunity to choose and I had to pick either one I’d go EVO/Merge for the features stated above. What puts me off about the DX other than the missing features stated above is the cheesy buttons on the botton and Motoblur…can’t stand Motorola’s UI. I played with my buddies original Moto Droid this week and it just irritated the crap out of me some of the things it wouldn’t do that I kept saying in my head…my incredible has this or does that…..maddening. It’s my humble opinion that HTC Sense has UIs perfected for the most part while others are still catching up. Also, for me VZW has superior coverage in my location. I know this b/c when I go to work the Sprint/ATT/TMo people either drop calls or have no signal when mine works perfectly fine.
    Please don’t flame me, these are again my own personal opinions and caveats with both phones and something to consider for those opting to buy either or wait for the next latest and greatest. To sum it up, you should choose a phone based on what matters for you and for me, the fwd facing cam, 4G capability, arguably better UI, full touch screen (no physical buttons) make the EVO/Merge the choice for me and worth waiting for. Hope this helps….Cheers
    P.S. To those that seem to think their VZW 3G handset will somehow be software/hardware upgradeable to LTE are sadly mistaken unless what you mean by upgradeable is walking into the VZW store and buying a new LTE phone. The radio inside these phones are configured for the current 3G CDMA spectrum 850 mhz and the 1900 mhz frequencies. None currently operate on the LTE 700mhz frequency.

  • Denker


    • denkerizgey

      kill yo self

    • Anonymous

      Dude your stupid. The x is obviously the better phonr

  • Canine109

    Droid x has a built in google navigator that is free a better than the carrier version. I would think the evo did too, so why is that a deciding factor?

  • R78

    evo can smd

  • HTC Incredible Remove data cap

    I think evo 4g is better..

    • Anonymous

      But it’s not

  • darKlorD

    Doesn’t anyone actually believe that 4G really exists? Its all a advertising spoof, the extra speed your’e getting is only increased 3G bandwidth and WiFi boosting!  Don’t believe me? go read this page and ponder!

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