AT&T Lights Up 3.2 Million iPhones in Q2

Regardless of what you might have heard about the relationship between Apple and AT&T, the latter sure has several reasons to be happy. After posting its earnings, AT&T has announced that it activated 3.2 million iPhone units during the second quarter – a record for the company. It certainly helped its bottom line, too, which is its $30.8 billion in revenue for the quarter. Not too shabby given the whole iPhone 4 antenna debacle.

Of course, during that quarter, the majority of iPhone activations were for the older model, the 3GS, as All Things D reports:

AT&T’s Q2 numbers include six days of iPhone 4 sales, including a massive rush of pre-orders that the company says was 10 times greater than its 3GS pre-orders in 2009.

That’s not bad at all when most considered the hype for the iPhone 4 stale by the time it launched thanks to the leaks by Gizmodo.

It’s not all iPhone glory, however, as AT&T also says that 400,000-500,000 iPads were activated during the quarter. Apple’s iOS tablet sold 3 million during its first 80 days despite analysts saying that there was no market for a tablet computer. Again, Apple has just stomped all over expectations and has proven that it can certainly weather enough drama and push strong sales.

[Via: AllThingsD]

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