BlackBerry 9780 Taken Out for a Drive

We had seen a picture of the unreleased BlackBerry 9780 running OS 6 earlier this week, and now there are a few more snaps that confirm it’s running OS and has at least 306.1 MB of app memory (likely 512 MB at most). Wi-Fi, b/g, 3G, GPS, and 480 x 360 display round out the device, which makes it little more than a Bold with OS 6 slapped on top, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Seeing an apparently rehashed device just for the new operating system makes me think that there aren’t going to be upgrades for older devices in the near future, even though RIM has said outright that stuff like the 9700 Bold will eventually be supported. I’m just curious if there are actual hardware limitations for OS 6, or if RIM just wants to prod BlackBerry users into upgrading. Planned obsolescence is a sad but true fact of the tech world, and I’m afraid that’s what we’re seeing right here in the 9780.

The only other –80 class BlackBerry we’ve seen so far is the 8980, which is shaping up to be an 2G/Wi-Fi affair with OS 6. So what does –80 designate? Mobile hotspot, maybe?

[via Driphter]

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