Baidu to have its search box on mobile phones

If Google can do it, so can Baidu. The Chinese company wants to team up with handset makers and carriers to have its search box integrated on handsets sold in China. Google already has similar arrangements with several companies, as I’m sure you have noticed.

When you think about it, it only makes sense for Baidu to take this route. First of all, it’s the single most popular search engine in China, hence I’m sure its users would love the idea. On the other hand, it’s the sound business strategy for the company – why would their fierce competitor get all those mobile searches when they can deliver the same — again, at least in the world’s most populous country where Baidu’s users are.

We’ll see which handset maker or carrier will be the first to jump on board. We know Symbian Foundation has teamed up with Baidu on a box computing project, and who knows, maybe the upcoming Symbian smartphones sold in China will feature Baidu search box on the phone’s homescreen. We’ll definitely keep watching this space…

[Via: ChinaDaily]

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