Rogers Updates Unlimited Student and Family Plans for Back-to-School

Rogers has just updated their Student and Family plans with a few new things for the back-to-school season. Family plans now let you add another voice line for $15/month, or data and voice for $25, on top of the two lines that it comes with. That might sound like a scam since you can get an entirely separate plan (though lower-end) for that much, but it does mean you get a free phone (like those pictured above), and that line can take advantage of unlimited calling between family, evening, weekends, and more, depending on your plan. New to the student plan is unlimited calling in Wi-Fi zones over UMA on capable devices, on top of a lot of other unlimited services.  Rogers student plans are available in $30, $40, and $50 monthly options.
I haven’t been shopping around Rogers plans lately, so can’t say anything about how much better these plans are than earlier family and student plans, but Telus’ $55 student plan offers quite a bit more data,  but it doesn’t seem like they offer family share plans anymore. Bell’s share plan is $20/month per addition, which doesn’t seem that great, but their $40 student plan includes 100 more anytime minutes than Rogers.
More info on Rogers’ unlimited Family plan can be found here, and Rogers’ unlimited student plan is here.
[via Redboard]

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