Apple Adding Email-Based FaceTime to non-iPhone 4 devices?

The latest iOS 4 beta 3 has revealed that FaceTime will now be available via e-mail instead of just within phone calls or from a contact’s phone number within the contacts list. As you can see in the image above, an e-mail option pops up along with the phone number option in the Contacts application to initiate FaceTime calls. This could mean that FaceTime might becoming to future iOS devices that are equipped with a front-facing camera. A new iPod touch or iPad, perhaps?

Macrumors reports:

Apple is widely believed to be preparing to add at least a FaceTime-compatible front-facing camera to the next-generation iPod touch, rumored for introduction next month. Several photos of claimed next-generation iPod touch parts have surfaced showing a hole in the front LCD/digitizer assembly appropriate for a front-facing camera. Apple’s iPad has also been the subject of speculation regarding a front-facing camera, although no substantial evidence of such hardware has yet surfaced and a timetable for a refresh of the device remains unknown.

Now if only Apple would allow FaceTime calls over 3G without having us jailbreak our devices and download third-party apps, this would be even better.

[Via: Macrumors]

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