CDMA iPhone now at the engineering verification testing stage

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber spoke out regarding the Verizon CDMA iPhone and added some interesting insight into the status of this long-rumored handset. According to Gruber’s sources, the non-GSM version of Apple’s smartphone is more than just a rumor and is currently under active development. The handset is reportedly codenamed N92 and is in engineering verification testing (EVT), an early stage in prototype testing that is designed to identify and address potential design problems. The EVT stage is followed by device verification testing (DVT), which is the final stage of testing before a handset is sent off to production.

Gruber threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the Verizon iPhone rumor by noting that, though a CDMA iPhone is destined to hit the market, it is not a guarantee that the handset will land on Verizon. The handset could launch on rival carrier Sprint or on one of the other major CDMA carriers worldwide. Clearly, Sprint could benefit from the influx of customers that a CDMA iPhone would bring and would be willing to negotiate with Apple. As the #3 carrier in China, China Telecom could also use a a windfall of new customers to move beyond the 65-million subscriber mark

Despite this unknown, all the outward signs seemingly point to a Verizon release in 2011. Amongst CDMA carriers, Verizon Wireless is at the top with over 90 million subscribers, which makes it a prime candidate for the iPhone. Though the iPhone is firmly entrenched with AT&T, further growth of the handset in the US would require expansion to wireless carriers beyond Big Blue. Expansion could mean a port of the handset to T-Mobile, but only a few passing rumors have hinted at this possibility. A more likely scenario is a launch on Verizon, where the potential demand for the iPhone is high and the financial rewards for both Verizon and Apple could be significant. Anyone agree or disagree?

[Via Daring Fireball]

  • Adni

    iphones REJECTED BY Verizon, T.Mob, Sprint
    iphone is UNWANTED, REJECTED malfunctioning phone.

    Verizon, T.Mobile, Sprint doesn't need iphone any more. They have much better phones in Android DroidX, EVO 4G, EPIC 4G. All much faster and has many more functionality than iphone.

    So, iphone take a hike, GET LOST, you are unwanted.

    iphone, please GET LOST. Verizon, T.Mobile, Sprint is spreading Android like WILDFIRE.

    Just like AAPL/Jobs rejected Verizon, Sprint, T.Mobile, it's now their turn to REJECT iphones.
    AAPL/Jobs desperately needs these service providers to fight Android Wildfire.

    • MAW

      And yet it is still the most popular, and in most reviews the phone most users would buy.

      • Mo

        What I don’t get is why make another exclusive contract, when jail breaking is going to occur anyway. It is stupid how the market has been made to entrap people in contracts.

  • Don

    LIES coming from AAPL once more.
    How many times will AAPL's lies be tollerated?

    I can't believe AAPL has turned into a lying machine

  • Adni

    None cares about iphones any more, it's EVO 4G and DroidX and soon Samsung S EPIC 4G the super kings of smartphones. iphone has fallen way behind in functionality and speed

  • lucas

    AT&T has been making some pretty obvious claims that their exclusivity with the iPhone is coming to an end. If Apple is no longer tied to AT&T, I cant imagine they would open it up to only ONE other carrier. Take a look at other countries: when Apple's exclusivity agreements were up, they opened the iPhone to multiple carriers. I think the possibility of the iPhone coming to Tmobile is rather likely (especially given the hardware requirement similarities with the current AT&T version iPhone), and not some mythical idea stemming from "just a few passing rumors hinting" towards the possibility.

  • MAW

    My gut feeling is that iphone will be on Verizon Wireless very soon. That's why we're seeing SO many Android OS phones every other week on Verizon. If I were in the market for a smartphone, I would definitely wait till early February to let the dust settle. Maybe Apple will finally release an Verizon iphone or LTE phone or maybe there will be a clear cut leader/winner in the Android smartphone marketplace. Personally, I think todays new Android phone is already out dated by tomorrows new release.

  • jax

    I'd be first in line for the switch from AT&T to Sprint. The iPhone is the phone for me. It's good to have choices and competition spurs innovation. Bring it!

  • Ron

    lol to the people who think the evo can stand up to the iphone… um the last time i checked the overclock test they did has the galaxy and the iphone among the top to fastest not the evo. Even sprint knows this as you see the comparison they did to promote the epic. As far as the iphone to verizon goes. Anybody think about how much money it would cost for them to change the iphone from gsm to cdma and then how much it would cost to produce both every year? Last time i checked htc only does phones so they can do this type of thing. Apple does more than just phones isnt that a waste of expenses to do both. It would be mindful for them to go to tmobile. but thats just my opinion.

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