Mysterious HTC Merge Android phone appears in Verizon’s computer system

HTC Merge
HTC Merge

A new Android device from HTC was spotted in Verizon’s inventory system, and it’s called the Merge. We don’t have much to go on for the device, but with a name like that, it might just be another tablet/phone mash-up mutant phone, like the Streak.

From the picture above we can see that it uses the “ADR6325” reference code. The ADR6325 was thought to be an updated Droid Incredible with one of the new Sony Super LCD displays. That sounds believable enough, but then why give it a name like the Merge? Perhaps it’s “merging” HTC Incredible with the new Sony Super LCD technology? You’re guess is as good as ours.

The Merge could also be an Android device we’ve already seen previously, but under another codename. Remember, we saw the Nexus One well before we even knew Google was making a phone? Of course, HTC made this phone, but maybe it’s a renamed version of the Desire HD, or something to that effect. Some have even guessed it to be Verizon’s version of the Android-powered EVO 4G. Again, we really have nothing to go on, so everything is speculation at this point. Whatever the Merge will be, let’s hope we start hearing more about it soon.

The prevailing speculation is that this is a completely new Android smartphone, and may rock a screen around 5 inches or so. Then again, we could be completely wrong, but the device may indeed live up to its name by being a mini tablet-like device.

HTC has sure been delivering the goods lately, but they need something solid to combat the likes of the Droid X and Droid 2 on Verizon. The Droid Incredible is still a great phone, but HTC needs to up the ante, especially with the Verizon iPhone sounding like more of a reality than ever before.

What’s your take on the name Merge? Do you think it will be a tablet-like device to combat the Dell Streak? Or will it be something different all together?

[Via: Phandroid]

  • VZWagent

    the incredible is ADR6300 not the ADR6325. maybe do some research before reporting on a new phone in the verizon inventory system

    • Jordan

      You realize he said the HTC Merge was ADR6325, he didnt say the incredible was.

  • jake

    this phone might be this, or it might be that. it could possibly be a combination of this and that. but we don't know for sure. don't be surprised if the phone is that, but not this. in other news, the world is flat. i mean round.

  • roiji

    it could be a CDMA version of the nexus one.. merge synonymous to nexus?

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