1 out of 3 AT&T iPhone customers will switch to Verizon

Graph showing 34% of AT&T iPhone customers are waiting for a Verizon iPhone before upgrading
Graph showing 34% of AT&T iPhone customers are waiting for a Verizon iPhone before upgrading

The iPhone has been an AT&T exclusive in the US for time immemorial (which, in the mobile world, translates into a little over three years), but that exclusivity will soon come to an end, with Verizon rumored to be launching an iPhone of their own in the near future. Big Red, with their self-proclaimed superior wireless network, might be able to put some real hurt on AT&T if/when the Verizon iPhone becomes a reality. Today, a new study indicates that a significant chunk of current iPhone users on AT&T are waiting to ditch their carrier for an alternative Apple smartphone carrier.

The numbers involved here aren’t all that surprising, but they sure are significant. According to the study from research firm Morpace, something like 1 out of every 3 AT&T iPhone customers are waiting for the handset launch on another carrier A solid 34% are look to jump ship, while 47% of current AT&T iPhone customers are at least willing to consider a Verizon variant of their handset of choice. These kinds of figures should have the higher-ups at AT&T at least a little worried about the carrier’s bottom line when Apple starts reaching out to other carrier partners for its iOS-powered smartphone.

The survey also breaks down customer intent by carrier. Among T-Mobile customers, 20% are “Somewhat” or “Very Likely” to go to Verizon for an Apple smartphone. Sprint and AT&T have 22% and 23%, respectively, of their current subscriber base thinking the same thing. And, the icing on this cake is the 51% of current Verizon customers that have their sights set on a handset powered by iOS. Can you say, “high demand”?

What’s more interesting about the potential impact of an iPhone on Verizon is the affect the Apple phone will have on Big Red’s other smartphone offerings. As it stands, Verizon lays claim to the majority of the most compelling Android smartphones currently on sale in the US. They invest a lot of resources into marketing Android phones, like the Motorola Droid X and Motorola Droid 2. Seeing as how iPhone (or, more accurately, iOS) and Android are direct competitors, nay, arch rivals in the mobile space, we have to wonder how if Android will take a back seat to a newcomer Apple phone. Especially if it ends up being more powerful than the iPhone 4 from AT&T.

Keep in mind, though. The CDMA iPhone that’s rumored for Verizon could be solely intended for China.

The survey, which was conducted as part of the Morpace Omnibus, polled 1,000 iPhone users from July 15 – 20. Read the entire report by downloading this PDF.

[Via: Morpace]

  • William Donahoo

    Way to to go AT&T!!! You didn't want to piss off Apple, so you bring out the Streak as a Dell only item. A person can't go to an AT&T store or the AT&T website to order the Streak. Boy thats the way standing up to Apple as they make plans to move to Verizon.

    I think it is safe to say that most people want to see before buying especially when paying $100.00 more than an iPhone.

    • almypal

      @William, what are you talking about… AT&T and Apple have a great partnership… and No Verizon will not be getting the Iphone anytime soon… Get your facts before you make a fool of yourself…

  • Jason

    Those number dont mean a whole lot. Alot of people "would" do alot of things…until they have to pay that ETF from ATT and or the Deposit for Verizon. As an iPhone user im just glad more people (current verizon customers) will be able to get one.

    One thing to note, once people leave ATT, the network will work better. The iPhone on any singular network would probably have the same troubles. Now Verizon can really test its networks claims once it has Drios users and iPhone users attacking its networks. Something tells me in the future they may be singing a different tune.

  • Jonas

    Aren't articles like this old already? I mean really? Won't we just find this out if and when the iPhone goes to Verizon?

  • EndHaiku

    Really? What happens when they find out they can't use data and voice at the same time? Can we stop treating this as an Apple v. Orange conversation?

  • MrWindows

    Even if the CDMA iPhone isn't the one that's been previously reported for the Chinese domestic market, it's an iPhone 3G, not an iPhone4. Who is going to want to possibly want to pay a prorated ETF (although Verizon may subsidize this) and then pay $300 for an older version of the iPhone? No AT&T iPhone4 user is going to want to go backwards, sucky network or not.
    As far as the Dell Streak goes, it's pretty smart for AT&T to add a device to their offerings, without having to sell, stock or support it. In the future, once everybody is on LTE, this will more than likely be the model. Buy your phone anywhere/use it anywhere.

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