T-Mobile HSPA+ Android phone clears FCC – is this the G2?

A T-Mobiel Android handset from HTC has just passed through the FCC
A T-Mobiel Android handset from HTC has just passed through the FCC

A smartphone with HSPA+ capabilities for T-Mobile has just passed through the Federal Communications Commission and this looks to be the much-heralded G2.

The device came through the FCC as the “HTC PC10100” and it sports 802.11n WiFi, 3G for T-Mobile’s AWS bands and references to HSPA+. We know that T-Mobile has been pushing the G2 as the first smartphone with HSPA+.

We’ve also seen the T-Mobile G2 in the wild and the release date is expected over the next few weeks, so I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that this is the device that has just passed through the federal agency. The followup to the first Android handset should be a good sequel with its large touch screen, high-speed mobile data, modern design and more.

The HSPA+ capabilities could be a key difference-maker for T-Mobile, as the G2 should be able to get up to 21 Mbps download speed. By comparison, Sprint is offerings WiMax 4G in multiple markets but most real-life tests indicate this gets about 6 to 8 Mbps. T-Mobile has even talked about doubling the HSPA+ speeds in the near-future.

This is going to be a good period for Android fans, as there should be an incredible little, green robot on every major carrier. The Motorola Droid X is moving units for Verizon, AT&T fans can buy the Samsung Captivate, T-Mobile will soon have the G2 and Sprint subscribers can choose between the EVO 4G or the Epic 4G.

The only thing that gives me pause is that Engadget points out that this could very well be the HTC Glacier, which is also expected to hit T-Mobile later this year with HSPA+ support. This device should be one of the first smartphones to have multiple cores, which should give it some good horsepower.

What do you think friends? Is the G2 going to be your next phone?

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  • Gary

    If the G2 has
    -Good battery life
    -Headphone Jack
    -1Ghz Processor
    -HD VIdeo

    THen it will be my next phone.

    • Marin Perez

      It should have most of those, assuming you’re talking about HD video recording. The battery life should be on part with most devices in this class = a full day out of a single charge.

      • Peter

        We rely on T-Mobile UMA service here, so will this Android phone have UMA? If not, when will there be one?

    • Miltonman

      I’m all about waiting for the HTC Glacier…The G2 looks sweet and it has decent specs, but i’m sorry the benchmark specs that were posted about the Glacier are too hardcore to passup. I will gladly wait anouther 4 months for it, because if the specs are anywhere near what they’re said to be, it’s going the the “Iphone Killer”.

  • Edward

    I am a G1 user… I think of buying this device only because of how happy I was with the G1.
    My only concerns are the processing power and whether or not this device comes with a Front-facing camera.
    My G1 has a great keyboard. I create lots of content. It is reliable and consistent. Besides the speed and screen size there really isn’t much I can’t do with a G1 that a proposed G2 could. But having a faster processor… (preferably a dual-core) and a front facing camera.. neither of which my g1 does not have would seal the deal… Without those things… I would rather op for the samsung epic 4g with the bigger screen and amoled… because it essentially would have similar specs but bigger and more vibrant a screen.
    If these manufcaturers don’t think of progressing with technology standards… and following the same lines as “bringing something more to the table than what is available”… they will find their products dwindling and easily replaced. My 2 cent. I and in market and have been shopping for a new phone since my G1 not because I don’t love my G1 but because I have high hopes for what may come.

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