NVIDIA Tegra 2 benchmark puts other Android devices to shame

This is a benchmark of the Tegra2 CPU with the Quadrant application for Android. It's not the most reliable, but it's still one of the best that we know of.
This is a benchmark of the Tegra2 CPU with the Quadrant application for Android. It's not the most reliable, but it's still one of the best that we know of.

The NVIDA Tegra 2 dual-core chip will find its way into many upcoming Android phones and tablets later this year, and for good reason. The Tegra2 offers a true dual-core processor, giving any device with the Tegra 2 system-on-chip CPU running under the hood the kind of experience that is probably best described as “blazing fast”. As you can see from a recent benchmark using Quadrant, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 will give even the mightiest of currently available high-end Android smartphones reason to worry.

We know Quadrant is not the most reliable benchmarking application out there, but it’s still many people’s go-to Android benchmarking app, and for the most part, it performs well. Sure, there are Quadrant scores out there hitting almost 3000 with by using a tweaked kernel or other optimizations to trick Quadrant into giving a higher score, but for unaltered handsets, the benchmark tool still gives us a good indicator or raw processing power. The benchmark above has been untouched, and shows the true power of the Tegra 2 platform and its dual-core processor.

The benchmark was taken using the Toshiba AC100, an Android-based netbook with the Tegra2 in tow. Best of all, the AC100 is only running Android 2.1, and does not have any of the speed benefits, such as the JIT (Just In Time) compiler, and the JavaScript V8 engine for web browsing. We don’t know about you, but we just can’t wait until we see the Quadrant score after the netbook gets it’s Froyo (Android 2.2) on. If you thought the Ac100’1 benchmark score is impressive compared to a Nexus One with Android 2.2 Froyo installed, just wait until we see a Tegra 2 benchmark using Android 2.2!

Here’s what the person who gave the AC100 the benchmark had to say:

SunSpider result of 9300 and Pi being calculated in 2081ms which is 3x faster than the average score on the BenchmarkPi application. It can handle a 1080p H.264 file at 13mbps and plays Raging Thunder 2 on the 1024×600 screen like a demon! For a smart platform, Tegra2 is taking it to the next level.

The Tegra 2 will indeed be taking Android to the next level, or any platform with the CPU running on it. LG is dedicated to throwing the Tegra2 into their upcoming smartphones, and a slew of tablets should ship with it as well. So now the question is if you’re willing to wait until possibly the end of the year before you have a decent selection of Tegra 2-based devices to choose from.

[Via: Carrypad]

  • Well, I’m gonna change my handset at the beginning of next year so yeah, this is great news 😀

  • Sohipq

    oh yes I’m willing to wait.

  • Hector

    I am already getting 2540 on vibrant..h as haha


      But that’s with the lag fix – a modification. It used to get around 900 – just pitiful of Samsung to make such a bad optimization of their superphone.

  • ThatGuy

    Desire HD gets very similar score and it newer version of 1gig processor, single core

    • Ginsheng

      Desire is running on Froyo 2.2.

  • Anonymous

    I really like The Toshiba AC100 with Tegra processor. I just want to it’s second generation device which will improve in some area like Android 2.3 support with Linux support if possible and Android market support.

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