Leak: Photos: LG E900: Windows Phone 7, 3.7 inch screen, Snapdragon

Courtesy of Android.com.pl are photos of a yet to be announced LG device running Windows Phone 7. The site says that there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 inside, which Engadget is claiming runs at 1.3 GHz, but the QSD8650 is the same 1 GHz processor that’s been shipping in several devices, including the HTC Evo 4G. Anyway, what’s important is that it’s yet another Windows Phone 7 device that we’ve heard of, joining the HTC Spark, Dell Lightning, and Samsung i917 Cetus.

Microsoft is pouring a lot of money into this launch, with numbers being thrown around like $500 million all the way up to $1 billion. All we know is that Redmond has a lot to prove. They’re facing competition from Google’s well entrenched Android operating system, due to outsell the iPhone this year, and become the top smartphone platform in North America. What’s troubling, to me at least, is that Windows Phone 7 devices are going to be tightly bundled with Microsoft’s services, and let’s be honest, who still uses Hotmail? In Europe everyone uses MSN, but that’s just the messaging client. Who is really going to want to use Bing Maps, Bing Search, Bing Calendar and whatever else that comes under the Bing brand name?

Google’s got such tight service integration that anyone who leads a Google lifestyle, that being pretty much everyone under 35 and with basic computer skills, would be foolish to use another platform. It’s why Nokia’s Ovi services are failing so miserably in the developed world, yet are taking off in parts like India and Vietnam where people frankly don’t know any better. These days when you buy a smartphone you not only buy a device, but a whole host of services that you’re forced into using if you want the best experience.

That isn’t right, and I can’t wait to see how easy it’ll be for Google to plug into Microsoft’s OS, assuming it takes off and warrants an investment of resources to ensure Google’s plan of world domination keeps on schedule.

  • Windows Phone 7 is going to crush Android. Android is going to fall victim to exactly what happen to Windows Mobile.

    The average consumer can’t even use droids because they are too complicated. Yeah geeks may love them but that’s not the average consumer. The average consumer wants iPhone and soon the WP7.

  • Harold

    You need to stop speaking for everyone…Just because you and your cronies don’t use Hotmail means that other people around the country don’t. I am for one is looking forward to the WIndows phone. Hotmail is no different than any other. It is just another email choice for people to use since most people have more than one email address.


    Actually, there are more hotmail accounts than gmail accounts and MORE correspondence is processed through Hotmail than Gmail. I know this is a Android Fanboi site, but you might want to actually know the facts that you’re reporting on.

    • I can’t remember the last time I’ve emailed anyone with an @hotmail.com address. Sure, people give me their hotmail address to talk to them on MSN, but when it comes to email … GMail all the way. It’s like @yahoo.com = you’re either Asian or a senior citizen and @aol.com = you can’t use a ‘puter.

      • PineRoot

        I use both my gmail and live email address, the yahoo email just kind of fell off. Gmail honestly doesn’t work for me. It was good for a while and everyone that had one was “cool” and was at the forefront of what the new internet was going to be about. I’ll admit that for a while it was better than most, however as competitors started to match each others offerings it came down to what worked the best and smoothest for me. Hotmail (with the improvements made this summer) is hands down the best offering. I’m not doubting that the people you talk to have gmail as their main email service; most of the people I speak with use Gmail as well, when I give them my email address they just seem surprised and disgusted at the same time. When they ask why I still use it, I explain and they seem to just not understand that Hotmail just works better.

  • Good man

    The andriod phones are all over the place with different version of os. This is not good for normal user as you can end up buying the new phone with old version of andriod. Andriod is for geek or who thinks google is king. I think iPhone will be number one and windows phone at 2. Yes still a lot of people use hotmail for email.

  • The Dude

    Talk for yourself author…unless you have a cristal ball to see the future, there are many out there that dislike Google and are using droid because basically between the 3 evils…Apple, Google and BB they oped for google and are hating it. eside, even for us geek Google is too damn lame.

  • Santhosh


    Mr.Stefan, you might want to think twice and get your facts straight before you say people in India don’t know any better. That is like the most arrogant and ignorant thing i have ever heard. People in those countries are as tech savvy as any other country , if not more. One of the main reasons Nokia is popular in India is because they make a wide array of affordable and durable phones. You must remember that not all countries offer discounted phones with a contract. There is no such system in India and many other Asian countries so not everyone can afford to buy phones costing 500 dollars, even if they are many times more tech knowledgeable than you are.

    Whatever the extent of your knowledge or ‘coolness’, it is not wise to adopt a ‘high and mighty attitude’. Such stupid remarks only serve to discredit your articles. You might want to put more thought into what you are writing next time. Good day.

    • you’re right that for me to generalize a country of over 1 billion people is foolish. some cities are highly developed, while some people live in caves. i’m referring to the cave people.

      • rj

        And some people seem to live in an ivory tower.

    • I suppose really there’s a huge spectrum of technical ability in India, as with anywhere. Just from their CVs, you’d think they were all amazing :p

  • The Dude

    Again man, talk for yourself…How can you said that noone uses hotmail/live/msn….Come on, do not be a hater or better yet like the Boston Red Sox fans who just keep yelling Yankees suck when we all know that the Yankees have 28 reasons why they do not suck….If you like Gmail…Good,use it and be happy while you google yourself but do not use a forum as this to say that everyone use google when you know that is not true…Be real.

  • WrlsFanatic

    LOL! Hotmail defenders?!?! Well, based on the Tweet from @Intomobile I thought there were a lot, but now I see that it’s just a few fanatics.

    Threaded communications absolutely rule, there is no way around that. If you’re actually stuck to non-threaded Hotmail view, then I have to assume you’re not like people I know where a group of friends might suddenly send 20 e-mails back and forth in a day. Google Maps > Bing Maps. Once you’re already into Gmail, Google Calendar is much preferred over Bing.

    There is no question at all that Windows will be a distant third to the iPhone and Android. As incredible as WebOS is, HP will never regain the market share they lost because it’s simply taken them too long to get a new phone out. Blackberry is dying as well.

  • Spaceman7

    I have never owned a smart cell phone just a plane jane cell phone that just makes a phone call so please forgive me if I say that after studying the features that the Windows Phone 7 has like Tellme voice command control over some of the phones features and the fact that it will show flash video in the future on it’s web browser which is an Iphone or Ipad cannot do and the windows phone 7’s interesting tile hub interface with it’s fast muti touch screen response makes the windows phone a great phone for smart phone newbies
    like myself who are not hung up on multi tasking and cut and past functions. A lot of people like me will buy this phone because itt will do well all I have just said it can do. I will buy a windows phone 7 because I am sure that Microsoft can and will upgrade this phones operating system over the web like computers are updated. if Microsoft wants this phone to they have to tell people about and it’s good features and stand by their Phone and upgrade it’s features over the web because the old windows mobile OS is stone age stuff I am told.

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