Jailbreak your PS3 with a N900, Palm Pre, Nexus One, or TI-84 calculator

PSFreedom, a port of the open source PSGroove jailbreak solution for the Playstation 3, hit the internet last week and it has traveled far and wide since its debut. It is simple in theory – all you need is the code and a device with a USB microcontroller to execute this hack. Now in the hands of hackers worldwide, this jailbreak solution has expanded beyond its microcontroller roots and has landed on the N900, the Palm Pre, the Nexus One, and even the TI-84 Plus/Silver calculator.

The jailbreak allows you to run pirated games, homebrew games, and, in the future, back-up purchased games. Ironically, OzModChips, the Australian company that started this tidal wave of hacking with its modchip, is now suspended from selling the USB device following an injunction awarded to Sony in Australia’s Federal Court. Nonetheless, the spirit of this jailbreak lives on in PSFreedom and PSGroove.

If you own a PS3 and want to try this hack yourself, then check out the instructions for the Nexus One,  Palm Pre, the TI-84 calculator, and the N900. You can also watch the oh-so-cool videos below. Be aware that Sony is rolling out a new 3.42 firmware update that may block this exploit. If you are really serious about hacking your console, a simple DNS change within the PS3 settings will permanently block the update from downloading. If you mange to do this with your Palm Pre, Nexus One, N900 or that geek-worthy calculator, hit us in the comments and let us know how it works.

PS3 jailbreak with a Palm Pre

PS3 jailbreak with a N900

PS3 hacked with a calculator

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