Nokia Picks on Apple and Google, Sells 260,000 Phones Per Day

Nokia World 2010 is alive and well, and VP Niklas Savander wasted no time in talking up the brand as well as taking unrelenting jabs at Apple and Google. According to Savander, Nokia sold 260,000 phones per day during the summer, and he says that those figures are more than the iPhone and Android handsets combined. On top of that, the new N8 is allegedly poised to move over 50 million devices during its lifetime. Whoa, hold your horses!

First, let’s start with the claims against Apple. According to Steve Jobs, his company has seen 230,000 iOS activations per day. Even if  a small chunk of those numbers are iPad and iPod units, a good majority of those activations are the iPhone. Next, we have Google and Android. In response to Apple’s claims against Android, Google says that it sees 200,000 activations per day not including upgrades or updates. And we know that those figures are largely smartphones.

Even if we were to take 70% of Apple iOS and Google Android activations combined, which is a conservative number just to rule out tablets and music players, it would still be greater than Savander’s claim of outselling Google and Apple combined.

Electronista reports:

Despite the error, Savander was confident enough to attack both rivals. He accused Apple’s Scott Forstall of copying Nokia’s “connecting people” slogan in the promo video for the iPhone 4 and said the slogan wasn’t just a “feel-good tagline” for his company but “our mission, our passion.” The VP went on to take a potshot at the iPhone 4 antenna by claiming the N8 and other smartphones would always perform “no matter how you hold them.”

Perhaps that confidence is misplaced, as it seems almost petty to attack Apple for “copying” Nokia’s slogan and really taking offense to it. And while Nokia can make fun of Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna all it wants, Apple’s value share will continue to dwarf Nokia’s as well as all other smartphone manufacturers combined.

Lastly, one has to look past all these numbers and figures being thrown out and look at the products themselves. Sure, Nokia might be selling hundreds of thousands of phones per day worldwide, but just how many of those are smartphones with the same caliber as Android and the iPhone? Is Nokia including sales figures from dinky little candybar phones that use Symbian, calling it a smartphone, in its numbers against Apple and Google who sell primarily high-end smartphones? And what can we take away from Symbian’s market share decline as iOS and Android battle it out for the top spot?

Nokia really needs get its act together. If it wants to attack Apple and Google where it hurts, it’s going to take a lot more than picking on issues that are months old and crying about copied slogans. Here’s a start: why not improve U.S. carrier relations and get those smartphones, like the N8, subsidized here in the States? Nokia’s lack of serious presence in the U.S. isn’t going to help its bottom line and it can’t rest on its global laurels forever.

[Via: Electronista]

  • Reality


    Savander said smartphones.

    260 000 smartphones/day.

    You sir, are a joke.

    • You, sir, cannot read: “…how many of those are smartphones with the same caliber as Android and the iPhone?”

      I clearly acknowledge that they are smartphones.

  • momchil

    not phones but smartphones. last year nokia sold 1 million phones per day.

  • Your numbers and facts need to be rechecked. They are way to off. Please do your homework before posting such over board “stats”. Don’t ever take corporate company spokes person’s word as fact. They are almost never correct in their so called “bragging numbers”. Just saying 😉

    • I took my numbers straight from the CEOs of the respective companies, not spokespeople. Jobs and Schmidt aren’t going to spout figures and lie when they can easily be fact-checked by both journalists and their own investors.

      So before attacking me and telling me my facts and numbers are off, why don’t you provide sources of your own and disprove me.

  • N

    Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics…

    Jobs never said for which time period the 230,000 daily activations was. The 230,000 activations per day could have been for July-August this year, which would not be representative for the whole year, as iPhone sales was significantly higher after the iPhone 4 release. This would also be better in line with the 120 million iOS devices sold. Jobs has a history of picking the sales figures in a really selective and messy way to get the numbers look as good as possible.

    Savander did not specify the 260,000 smartphones either (other than “on average”), but Nokia does not have as big variations in the sales figures. This is because there are new models out all the time and sales does not slow down as much when waiting for a new model. However, as you say they are counting cheap smartphones, too, that really can’t be compared to Android or the iPhone.

    So, everyone is selecting the numbers which makes them look good and most of them are correct in some weird way…

  • VV

    This is an opinion piece. Period. You do not point to any other sources other than the companies directly. That can be used to compare them, but not to opine about the veracity of the numbers.

    The basic jounalistic technique is: if you want to question some numbers, do your research!

    BTW: if Nokia has 40% market share in _SMARTPHONES_ then it is quite easy to believe they sell more than Apple + Google combined! Why? because we also have SYMBIAN in Japan + SonyEricsson + Samsung and we have RIM which has significant market share. So, mathematically it is quite easy to see why Nokia says that they sell more than Apple + Google combined.

    And as Niklas said: “we don’t include computers or tablets in those numbers”!

    If you are going to hate on Nokia, please at least the decency of doing your research

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