HTC updates Sense for Android with new location and cloud computing services

As part of its London launch event, HTC announced the Desire HD and the Desire Z, two Android handsets that powered by Android 2.2 and HTC’s latest version of Sense. For better of for worse, this new Sense significantly increases the role of this alternative Android interface. Disclaimer: proponents of the pure Android experience may experience adverse effects and moments of repulsion while reading the rest of this post.

Multimedia is central to a current generation smartphone and the new Sense adds in HD video recording support and a variety of camera effects to enhance the stock Android camera interface. Taking on the Nook and Kindle application, HTC’s latest version of Sense offers an e-bookstore powered by Kobo and compatible e-reader software pre-installed on the handset. The new Sense also adds in a mapping application called HTC Locations. HTC Locations offers customized, instant mapping without the need to download mapping data. It supplements, maybe even supplants, the default Google Maps.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is also capitalizing on the big push into cloud computing by offering its own cloud services, specifically designed for HTC handsets. The service will allow owners of HTC handsets to manage and backup their handset through a web interface. Owners can archive contacts, text messages, and call history; all of which can be saved and used to set up a new HTC handset. If you are into customizing your handset, HTC will also offer free wallpapers, scenes, sounds, and plug-ins as part of this cloud service.

Owners can also use to find their lost or stolen phone by pinpointing its location on a map or by ringing the handset remotely. Even if the ringer set to silent, the remote service will turn it on to ring loudly. Similar to the other mobile services, will allow owners of stolen or lost handsets to lock their handsets remotely, send all calls and texts to an alternative number, and send a text message to the stolen/lost phone with instructions for return. When all hope is lost, owners can remotely wipe their handset from the web interface.

This new Sense interface and cloud services are expected to debut this October when the Desire HD and Desire Z launch in Europe, Asia, and North America (as the T-Mobile G2).

[Via Press release]

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