T-Mobile accessory list reveals the HTC HD7, the Dell Claire, and more

T-Mobile accessory list for 2010

An accessory list for T-Mobile reveals several upcoming handsets including the rumored HTC HD7 and the BlackBerry Bold 9780. This latest leak matches up with the previous roadmap leak which has proven to be fairly accurate at identifying upcoming handsets. The exhaustive list of handsets and the expected arrival date for their accessories include the following:

  • HTC HD7 (11/15): Spotted recently in several other inventory lists, the HD7 is thought to be a Windows Phone 7 version of the HTC HD3, the successor to the high-end HD2
  • Motorola Begonia (11/1): an Android handset with unknown specs spotted in the last T-Mobile roadmap leak
  • BlackBerry Bold 9780 (11/15): a refresh of the Bold 9700, it appears as if this BlackBerry will land at T-Mobile as well as AT&T
  • Dell Claire (11/15): thought to be a T-Mobile version of the Dell Mini 5
  • Comet (11/1): an unknown device from an unknown manufacturer
  • LG Optimus T (11/1): could be a Windows Phone 7 or Android handset from LG’s recently announced Optimus lineup.
  • Motorola Jordan (11/1): codename for the recently announced rugged Motorola Defy

Remember that these dates are for the accessories and mark when they will arrive in stores. They are not the launch dates for the handsets. The handsets may arrive slightly before or slightly after these target dates. With all these handsets and accessories slated to land in the next few months, the holiday lineup for T-Mobile is shaping up nicely.

[Via TmoNews]

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