The iPhone of Night Clubs – Four Full Bars, But Crappy Service

Red Devil Lounge - The iPhone of Night Clubs

Red Devil Lounge - The iPhone of Night Clubs

iPhone users, cover your eyes. BlackBerry users, get ready to give each other some high fives. Spotted outside the Red Devil Lounge on Polk Street in San Francisco, the sign above pokes some good fun at my favorite iOS powered device. Quite honestly I’m not sure what to make of this, other than the fact that it’s good for a laugh or two. Hopefully you agree.

With the BlackBerry Developers’ Conference going on later this month in San Francisco, I have a feeling many a BlackBerry user may head over to the Red Devil to get their picture taken at the establishment. Well done, Red Devil…well done… And please, heed my advice… Keep that marquee up for DevCon 2010. It’s on September 27th through the 30th. Berry users will love it.

[Via: SFList]

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