Sybase: Third of potential Android tablet purchasers in the U.S. want a physical keyboard

Sybase has commissioned a study on Android-powered tablet computers and has found that American public is generally interested in such devices. Here’s what they’ve found:

  • About one in four Americans (23%) would purchase an Android-based tablet.
  • One in every two Android smartphone owners showed a preference to purchase a tablet.
  • Only 13% of non-Android phone owners stated intent to purchase an Android tablet.
  • A third of those surveyed stated that having a physical keyboard is a crucial tablet component.
  • 56% said they would prefer to buy a device at a lower cost with an attached data package adding that their ideal price for a tablet would be less than $300.
  • A quarter of Americans expect their employer to provide access to tablets in the enterprise. Among the reasons quoted are improvements in creativity and innovation (18%); efficiency, time savings and problem solving (16%); and communication, collaboration and productivity (14%).

My two cents: if you want a keyboard, why not grab a netbook instead? Or the idea is to have the ability to pair the tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard…

[Via: CellularNews]

  • I’d like to have the option of a keyboard an mouse through a docking/charging station. That way I could use the tablets features for routine tasks like attendance and daily grades, but have the ability to seat down to write labs, tests, etc. A wireless connection to the docking station to use with my projector would be a big bonus too.

  • Nor ipad nor any tablet can replace the PC yet unless they have a slide physcal keyboard and other things that only pc and laptops can handle, yes it is fun because of the touch screen but that is just all, if you want a tablet that acts just like a pc, you going to have to wait longer, I return the ipad I purchase because is missing some things that a laptop and a pc have.

  • I’d guess that most of the users who want a physical keyboard aren’t used to using a device without – the iPad is a great example of a device where the touch keyboard is equally as fast as using a physical one.

  • they always take too long to get these tablets into market wish they would hurry up and release them

  • Jeff

    The virtual keyboard is not as fast as a physical keyboard AND it takes up a fair amount of screen real estate.
    I have an Ipad and it is a very cool e reader without a doubt.
    Netbooks would be a bunch better when the screens have at least a 1024×768 resolution like an IPad. Til then they are pretty useless.

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