Sprint Shows Us How WiMax is Being Prepped in New York City

Sprint continues to tease and taunt us New Yorkers with WiMax, its 4G network, but has yet to go live. So while we sit back and wait for WiMax to officially go live in New York City for Sprint users (as it did last week for Clearwire), Sprint is hosting a little web series on wiring new cities for 4G.

We’ve already seen some areas go live with WiMax in a number of the NYC boroughs, but nothing has been made official by Sprint just yet. And though the carrier held a presentation in the city very recently, announcing the obvious, we’re still waiting for the official launch.

In the meantime, we’re being treated to these somewhat AT&T-esque videos where we see carrier execs showing us some cell site technology on rooftops. While we’re always excited to take a peek behind the scenes and see just how we get our service, it almost seems like a tease. It’s like, “Hey! Here is a WiMax cell site, and although it appears to be fully ready to give you that blazing fast 4G speed, it’s not here yet. But, it’s coming soon!” Wink, wink.

Enjoy the video below and check out the next page for the full press release.

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    Clearwire is overselling its WiMax services. It recently imposed an 8GB monthly cap on its users. Once users hit that limit, they are throttled to 25kbps for the rest of the month.

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