Three new Apple products found in latest Apple TV firmware [CDMA iPhone?]

The iPhone 4 that we all know and love (or hate) is actually called iPhone 3.1 when referenced in firmware files. Don’t ask me why, I’m not an Apple Engineer. That being said, the latest firmware for Apple’s TV product shows support for three additional Apple products that we’ve yet to see: iPhone 3.2, 3.3, and 20547. What could those three things be?

Let’s take a moment to speculate. Say one of them is the CDMA Jesus Phone, the one that will work with Verizon’s superior network and will make AT&T churn a few hundred thousand customers once it hits the streets. If it is the CDMA variant then it’s just the same iPhone 4, but with a different radio inside. That leaves 2 more devices. The second, iPhone 3.3, could that be a variant with a different sized screen? With everyone getting their panties in a bunch over these monstrous 4.3 inch Android devices hitting the market, is Apple going to try and compete in that space? It’s plausible, but I don’t really think so. Guy says it’s an iPhone with a keyboard for the business sector. As pleasant as it is to type on glass, this coming from someone who went from a Nokia E71 to a Google Nexus One, there are still people out there who swear by plastic buttons.

Then there’s the third and final device, 20547. With rumors that Apple is going to come out with a brand new MacBook Air by the end of this year, and that it’ll have an 11.6 inch screen, could it be the first product to feature Apple’s iOS as well as Mac OS X? That may sound like a geek’s dream, and not very easy to sell to consumers since switching between the two operating systems is going to have to be easier than opening a refrigerator door, but if anyone can make it happen, it’s Apple.

What do you think?

  • wootang

    check your spelling of “varient” on the article. should be variant.

    • thanks. damn you Google Chrome for not spotting that! wordpress has been giving me some flack for the past few days.

  • Allen

    > and will make AT&T churn a few hundred thousand customers once it hits the streets. If

    A “few hundred thousand”???? Obviously no one at IntoMobile reads the news. *MILLIONS* of customers will be dropping AT&T when a Verizon phone comes out. (Not sure why anyone would stay with the service rated ALL TIME WORST carrier… when you can switch to the best, instead.)

  • kimi

    I for one, an avid apple user, would be very very happy to leave at&t. I am using the first generation phone, holding out (for some time now) to get to switch to a better network. Hey AT&T ” NO ONE CAN HEAR ME NOW”!

  • Hp

    20547 will be ipad-mini?

  • Mr Windows

    One of them is most assuredly the TD-SCDMA Chinese version (Sorry, there’s NOT going to be a CDMA iPhone for VZW). The other is the revised antenna version of the GSM iPhone 4.
    The third mystery product could very well be a new MacBook Air, but I bet it’s the iPad 2.

    And Allen, you Verizon FanBoi you, most everytbody expects between 750,000 and 1,500,000 customers to switch carriers once any iPhone is out for VZW, which as I keep trying to tell everybody, is going to be an LTE iPhone 4.

    Apple doesn’t want to expend resources on CDMA anything, which is why they outsourced a lot of the integration for the Chinese version to Foxconn.

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