Palm ‘Mansion’ could be the next webOS smartphone

Palm 'Mansion' could have no physical keyboard, webOS and an 800 X 400 screen
Palm 'Mansion' could have no physical keyboard, webOS and an 800 X 400 screen

It has taken a while for some new leaks to come out about what Hewlett Packard plans to do with Palm but we’re finally seeing some more details on what kind of hardware to expect. A rumor is now floating that a webOS device will be called the Palm ‘Mansion’ and it will not have a keyboard and sport a screen with an 800 by 400 resolution.

The rumor comes courtesy of our friends at PreCentral, which is citing an anonymous tipster. Other than the Palm Mansion name, the screen resolution and the form factor, there isn’t much else known about the device. Texas Instruments supplied the guts in the Palm Pre but we recently met with TI and it was shy about if it would be inside future Palm hardware.

I actually really enjoyed the Palm Pre. Actually, I really enjoyed the operating system of the Palm Pre because I felt the hardware was not up to snuff. The design ideas behind it were solid but the construction seemed less than top shelf and I could never get used to those little baby keys.

That’s why the Palm Mansion is already a step ahead in my book because I no longer have a need for physical keyboards. We know that webOS 2.0 will come with a virtual keyboard, so let’s hope it is good enough to handle the load. Let’s also hope that alternatives like Swype will be available for those who like options for input.

The 800 by 400 screen isn’t awful but we had seen indications that a webOS 2.0 smartphone was out in the wild with a screen that matches the Retina display of the Apple iPhone. Say what you will about the iPhone or the iOS platform but the iPhone 4 does have a drool-worthy display.

What do you want from a webOS 2.0 smartphone?

[Via PreCentral]

  • James McP

    I’m a WebOS fan and I think it’s a bad idea to deviate from the iPhone screen resolutions on any consumer-centric products because of the 3D game support.

    Now if “Mansion” is a purely enterprise product, okay, do whatever, but anything that is going to be sold in a Best Buy better be darned easy for devs to port over from the iPhone.

    Oh, and if it isn’t at least the iPhone’s 3.5″ screen they should be horsewhipped. The Pre is just a bit too tiny. it was nice going from the Treo & Centro but it’s getting old. Or I am. Either way, bigger screen.

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