Vlingo Partners with Sprint for Safe in-Car Messaging with Android Handsets

Vlingo’s voice control application for Android has expanded their SafeReader message dictation feature by now offering outbound communication too. Once paired via Bluetooth, you initiate the app by saying “Hey, Vlingo,” after which you can read out text messages and e-mails, which are then read back to you to confirm sender and accuracy. When texts come in, you can launch right into a reply via voice, allowing you to have full two-way text correspondence without ever touching the phone. You can also initiate phone calls or turn-by-turn directions using the new InCar feature.

Now, InCar is going to be exclusive to Android phones on Sprint, but Vlingo has added a new feature for their globally-available free product called Answers. This lets you ask questions in any format and have answers read back to you immediately. There aren’t too many details about where it’s getting this info from, but it sounds like the kind of thing Wolfram Alpha might want to get in on.

Vlingo’s got a tough ride on Android, since Google already has some robust native voice controls, but since going free, they’re at least providing an interesting alternative.  It seems like carrier partnerships like this will be the only way they can make money now, at least on Android. The premium version of their app is still an atrocious $20 on Blackberry.

Regardless, I love Vlingo, and encourage you to try it out at any of the download links below, and take a look at the demo video afterwards to see InCar in action.

Download for Android (Free) [Market Link]

Download for BlackBerry ($19.99) [App World Link]

Download for iPhone (Free, $9.99 for e-mail and SMS paste) [iTunes Link]

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