“TXTNG KILLS” is the new “LIVESTRONG” in Iowa [Reminder: Don’t text and drive]

Remember Lance Armstrong and how America all of a sudden cared about the sport of cycling just because it was an American winning year after year after year? That “latch onto the champion” mentality is an issue that true fans of sport have to deal with, but at least something good came out of Lance’s victories. Those terrible looking “LIVESTRONG” bracelets sold like hotcakes and the money made from them was used to fund research to combat cancer. A very worthy cause, and huge respect is deserved. The state of Iowa is trying to be cool by taking the same concept, but putting it on a band that fits on your thumb. The text on this thumb ring reads “TXTNG KILLS“, and it’s meant to raise awareness at the obvious dangers of fiddling with your precious little piece of plastic while behind the wheel of a several thousand kilogram hunk of steal going stupid fast on the highway.

Starting on July 1 the act of texting behind the wheel was banned in Iowa, but police are not allowed to issue tickets until 2011. If you get pulled over by an officer, he’s going to issue you a warning and give you one of these little tacky forms of activist jewelry. A total of 60,000 of the rings have been ordered and they’ve been handed out at various events, including High School and College football games.

“A lot of people want them for their kids,” said Courtney Greene, spokeswoman for Iowa’s Department of Public Safety. “It’s a fun way to get across a serious message about not texting and driving.” Better than what the police department of Wales has done with their ultra violent warning video? I don’t think so. Show kids what a pile of brains looks like next to a half crushed skull and maybe then they’ll put down their iPhones.

Or maybe not.

[Via: Textually]

  • Drevilgirl

    This makes me want to text & drive, just so I can get a pink thumb ring!!!

  • Fdas

    where can i get the tumb ring? Devilgirl your such an idiot a girl lost her life because she text and drove.

  • Bjgardner09

    Where can I get them for my children who are getting ready to entering into the driving world?

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