Samsung Galaxy Tab available for $599 from Verizon starting November 11th

Verizon confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will land on November 11th for $599. The Galaxy Tab is an Android-powered tablet that includes a 7-inch touchscreen display, 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor, dual cameras (3MP and 1.3MP), 3G connectivity, WiFi, and Android 2.2. The pricing for the Galaxy Tab comes in slightly below the $629 price tag of the 16GB Apple iPad 3G+WiFi model. From what we can tell from the press release, this $599 price point does not include a contract and the Galaxy Tab will launch without any carrier subsidies from Verizon. The Galaxy Tab will be available with a month-to-month $20 data plan that includes 1GB of data.

Full press release is after the page break. Anyone going to scoop up this tablet at its $600 price point or were you hoping for some carrier subsidies?

  • I’m surprised that Verizon is going to sell this without a subsidy, especially since they’re going to carry the iPad starting next week. I would be surprised if AT&T sold it without a subsidy as well, for the same reason – the iPad is too much competition for that price point.

  • Anonymous

    hmm, with the a Super AMOLED version, a 10.1-inch flavor, and a tablet-tuned Android, just hit Verizon retail for $599.99, really stunned, but Im not really caring about a comparison to the ipad, there must be lots of folks think so? Well, ipad more likely a consumer electronic, a great portable movies, videoes and game device, at least now Im sucked in movies watching on it in the help of iFunia iPad Video Converter, and now Game center, be a great game playing platform, of course the E-mail and surfing internet or do some office work on it are also handy and convenient.~~~Well, but the Galaxy Tab got its features and superiority and must be on fire too, time will prove that… In a word, both are winsome, the ipad has time superiority, and is $499 for the wifi only version makes some more appealing.

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