Introducing the iPhone 4 Coffee Table

iPhone 4 Coffee Table

iPhone 4 Coffee Table

Are you a die-hard iPhone fanatic? Do you spend more time in the App Store than the grocery store? If this sounds like you, I think I’ve found an ultimate piece of furniture to grace your house, apartment, condo, basement (or wherever the heck you live).

The iPhone 4 Coffee Table (pictured above) is a little bit of sweet Apple geektastic goodness. Check the darn thing out… How cool is that? I wonder if you leave your car keys on it one too many times if they’ll scratch the glass!? 🙂

At any rate, the lovely Diana Adams stumbled across this one a month or so ago… A *tip of the cap* to her for sure. I can’t believe I’m just picking up on this now! She notes that the maker of the table is unknown… So if anyone out there knows who put this darn thing together… please let me know!

If you’re an Apple fanboy, perhaps you can put some plans together and create your own. If you do, drop me a note and send me some pictures when you’re done. I’d love to see it.

Note: Once you have your iPhone 4 coffee table built, you might as well throw down some iPhone app coasters, right?

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