CyanogenMod 6.1 ROM for T-Mobile G2 coming soon

T-Mobile G2 users, get ready for some CyanogenMod 6.1 lovin soon, as Cyanogen himself has just tweeted that it’s “done”. Who knows when it will actually be released, but we can assure you that it likely won’t be much longer.

It looks like some code needs a little more cleaning up in the camera department to make sure it works well with other devices, but other than that it’s ready for action. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this released tonight, but waiting a little longer wouldn’t be all that bad if it means we’ll have a better user experience out of the box. We did just get some real root, after all. CyanogenMod is easily one of the most popular ROMs available for Android today, offering up a stock Android experience with helpful modifications to take your smartphone to the next level. It’s already available for many handsets, and finally the G2 will be joining that group in the near future.

Cyanogen also responded to a tweet when asked, “why is CM better than stock Android.” His reply was simple, to the point, and true.

“Imagine if you took all those little things that bothered you about the phone, fixed them, and added a bunch of neat stuff. that’s cm.”

There are subtle modifications that have been implemented into CM that make it just that much nicer. A feature that’s always welcomed in my book is trackball/pad wake/unlock, which will allow you to forget your power button to unlock your device, and leave it up to the trackball or trackpad to wake and unlock it. Of course you can still use the power button, but it’s small things like this that make CyanogenMod just that much more friendly.

We’ll be keeping you updated for more developments, and of course, when CyanogenMod is released for the G2. Anyone ready to flash this thing?

[Via: Twitter]

  • Just wishful thinking here, but maybe something like CPU manufacturers have done at various times would satisfy all parties: release a “black” model alongside the regular ones that is easily rooted (one click, via htc sync or something similar) for a small price premium, and in exchange your warranty covers all non-abuse damage. Brick your phone so bad the provided unlocking/recovery software can’t fix it? Just send it to a service center and they’ll fix it without any hassle.

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