Nimbuzz drops ICQ support; ICQ does the “Skype thing”

One would think we live in an “open” world, but one would be wrong. Take Skype and ICQ for instance. Up until recently third-party multi-network IM and VoIP software could perfectly sing along the two companies’ respective services, but not anymore.

Yap, on the heels of Skype’s decision to block third-party clients to offer Skype calls and chat, ICQ is taking a similar road. That said, we’re sad to say that Nimbuzz has dropped support for the popular instant messaging service.

According to Nimbuzz’s blog post, ICQ demanded Nimbuzz to pay for every person wishing to use ICQ on Nimbuzz. That’s outrageous to say the least. Even more, that sounds like a bad business move now when ICQ is not the only game in town. One would expect that people simply move to other platform and we at IntoMobile certainly support such a move. I don’t want to use the “F” word here, but you get the point – please make sure NOT to use ICQ unless you *really* must. Keep spreading the word – we gotta show these guys there are alternative solutions out there which we’re willing to adopt whenever some company decides to (“F” word again) with us. 😉

  • Who still use ICQ? That’s so 1998.

  • Nonov

    Just make sure your switch to Jabber/XMPP. You know, the open protocol that is used by Google, Facebook, GMX etc.

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