Windows Phone 7 root developer shows off full WP7 file-system access on video

Remember when we told you about this one Windows Phone 7 developer, Chris Walshie, who apparently managed to successfully gain root access to the WP7 file-system? Right, well, turns out, he wasn’t just full of hot air on claims that he is able to use root access to be able to “create, delete, browse files etc.” on his Windows Phone. The only limitation, apparently (for the moment), is that you can’t delete system ROM files, like the IE coredll.dll file. Either way, we’re just excited to see that progress has been made on a WP7 jailbreak that might hopefully one day allow us to install unofficial Windows Phone apps on our Windows Phones.

The videos below show you everything you need to confirm that Walshie has indeed achieved root on his WP7 phone. For those of you not up to speed, let me recap the current state of WP7 jailbreak for you.

Last week, following on the discovery that Windows Phone devices do indeed support USB tether mode to share their internet connection with a computer, Chris Walshie proved that jailbreak apps could be installed on WP7 by using a sideload technique that’s available to developers. He managed to install and run an app that used “native [Windows Phone 7] unmanaged code”. That’s the first big milestone on the road to a full WP7 jailbreak solution.

Today, we have the videos below, demonstrating that a little bit of ingenuity can grant you significant read/write privileges on a Windows Phone. Now, all that’s left is for us to wait and see how long it takes these developers to produce a consumer-friendly jailbreak method for WP7!

This video demonstrates “root, navigating to an Application that has been installed, back to the root, and into the Windows folder to find the magical coredll.dll”

[Via: Chris Walshie]

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