New Apple iPhone 4 commercial shows off battery life

When the iPhone 4 was first announced, we caught a glimpse of the internals and it was pretty clear that Apple made way for a new, larger battery. Many were skeptical about the claimed call times, music and video playback times and web browsing that can be done on the new device. Given the iPhone’s history, battery life wasn’t always its strong suit.

With the iPhone 4, however, it seems that it’s no longer an issue. As a matter of fact, in my personal experience, my iPhone 4 can sometimes go two whole days without a single charge. My Android handsets might see 10 to 12 hours before it needs juice if I’m lucky, and that includes constantly managing it so that it lasts that long. I used to leave home with my iPhone 3GS and battery charger, and now I can spend a whole day without worrying about battery life on the Apple smartphone, and that’s with some pretty heavy use.

As long as you keep a few things in mind – like turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you don’t need them and not sustaining the display at 100% brightness – there is absolutely no reason you can’t go a full day on the iPhone 4’s battery. It’s not just the bigger battery, either, but iOS 4 seems to manage power much better than previous iPhone OS versions.

What’s most surprising is that Apple managed to keep battery life as high as it is while slimming the phone down and boosting the display’s resolution, which definitely required its 1GHz A4 processor. Given its slim, sleek design, a highly polished OS that makes good use of a powerful processor, even I joked at the iPhone 4 announcement that it’s probably only going to have enough power to make one phone call and send an e-mail. And like the iPad before it, I was happy and surprised at how great battery life has been so far.

So while naysayers might see this commercial highlighting battery life on the latest Apple device, you really have to experience it for yourself. Battery life is a deal-breaker for me on smartphones. (And of course we’ve some of the rare, but serious problems on it already.

Check out the video below!

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