HTC 7 Surround rocks SRS WOW HD audio enhancement technology

SRS was all proud to announce that the recently announced HTC 7 Surround rocks the WOW HD audio enhancement technology. As you probably already know, HTC’s mentioned Windows Phone 7 device comes with a dedicated slide-out speaker that makes sure even your next-door neighbor can hear your favorite songs. Furthermore, it comes with a 3.8-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, HSPA and WiFi connectivity, great camera and so on.

Back to SRS’ stuff. To access SRS WOW HD, you should make sure the phone has the Sound Enhancer app loaded — if it doesn’t come pre-loaded with the device, you can grab it for free from the HTC Hub. Then start playing one of your favorite albums, open the Sound Enhancer app and start switching between the settings. To truly experience the difference between the Sound Enhancer settings, it is recommended to use earbuds or headphones. Toggle between the settings and hear the difference delivered with the SRS Enhancement (SRS WOW HD) option – apparently, it’s guaranteed to make you say WOW!

You should pay attention to more expansive and “immersive 3D sound field,” enhanced mid and high frequency definition and bigger, richer bass…

  • mike

    Sounds great with my shure isolation stage monitors, but i hear people with crappy headphones complain about it

  • Anonymous

    Actually it create such a over equalized sound I really can’t say it does a good job. Maybe it does help crappy headphones or ear buds. But if you already have a decent pair of headphones. Then I think your better off using some of the presets like Bass boost or Loudness control. 

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