Man tries to rob Connecticut restaurant with an iPhone

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GSA brazen would-be robber was foiled when the folks he was attempting to rob pulled out knives in retaliation. According to the police report, Jerome Taylor, donned a mask and entered the Northern Indian Restaurant in New London, Connecticut. He pulled out what appeared to be a gun and demanded money from the cooks who were working in the restaurant. Rather than back down, the cooks grabbed knives to defend themselves. They called the police and refused to hand over any money.

Faced with the presence of now angry, knife-wielding cooks, Taylor backed down and apologized for this robbery attempt. He revealed that his gun, laughingly, was an iPhone and told the restaurant cooks that he was doing this because he desperately needed money for his child. Now sympathetic, the cooks let Taylor leave unharmed and he fled the scene with iPhone in hand.

When the police finally arrived, the restaurant cooks explained the situation and told the police that they did not want to press charges. Despite the cooks assertions they wanted to forgive and forget, the police still located and apprehended Taylor shortly after the incident. He confessed to the attempted robbery and confirmed the deadly weapon used in the crime was an iPhone. He was charged with attempted robbery and interfering with an officer. The moral of this story- don’t rob a restaurant with knife-wielding cooks and never bring an iPhone to a knife fight. As dazzling as the iPhone may be, it will be a lose-lose situation for the unfortunate iPhone-toting individual.

[Via MSNBC and Gizmodo]

  • Anonymous

    There’s an App for that?!????

    • He should have tried robbery with Motorola Droid phone, Because whatever “I dont, Droid does.”

  • Trev

    Uh huh…ever confirm he really was robbing “for the chilluns”? Bet not.

  • Trev

    Uh huh…ever confirm he really was robbing “for the chilluns”? Bet not.

  • Anonymous

    How strapped for cash can the guy really be if he can still afford an iPhone…?

  • Toto

    why he don’t sell his Iphone ?
    “He revealed that his gun was an iPhone and told […] he was doing this because he desperately needed money for his child”

  • Kutty

    I feel sorry for him. He should not be punished. Lack of jobs, poor economy and mismanagement by government .He People like him should receive vocational teaching.

    • Can he afford the monthly charges for an iphone?

      and if he can’t why doesn’t he sell it?

      and if he CAN afford the monthly charges for an iphone, maybe food for his kids should come first?

    • Hdhd

      that’s dumb.

  • Jakku71

    I guess. he was smart to choose an indian restaurent. They are forgiving by nature and very gandhian once the crook apologizes. I remember that my grandfather (I am an indian too) once caught a coconut thief in his plantation, and once the robber explained the reason why he was stealing (to support his family), he ended up leaving the plantation with as much coconuts as he could carry and some cash to tide over his immediate situation, and the promise of a job offer to work on the plantation. 🙂

  • Mark

    Hext time he will not repeat same mistake and bring real gun. But messing with night shift cook very bad idea he got lucky this was not New York vhere people much angrier. He should come back and ivite this nice people for drink moron.

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