Bits of Android 2.4 spotted on a prototype Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc?

Eagle eyed folks behind the Dutch site are arguing Honeycomb may still not be ready for the primetime, at least not for all handset makers. While playing with a prototype Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, they noted that the device is running some incremental build of Gingerbread 2.4 that apparently includes some of the things Google might not have had time to include in Android 2.3. For instance, there’s a new animation when deleting icons off the home screen, as well as visible video calling hooks, which [hooks] unfortunately doesn’t tie to a video calling-enabled Google Talk. Still, this is a prototype unit had a chance to try out, leaving us hope some of the apps will be updated and new features included just in time for the Arc launch. We’ll definitely be watching for all things Android and let you know as soon as something new comes up. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: Engadget]

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