Hands-on Sphero robotic ball controlled by smartphone

If you really want your tech cred, you should get the Orbotix Sphero remote control robotic ball when it’s released later this year because this thing will delight the non-tech savvy in your house and it has enough tech in it to impress even the most jaded geek.

The Sphero is a robotic ball that’s about the size of a baseball and you can use your Android, iPhone or iPad to control the thing via Bluetooth. The Sphero app lets you control the ball via an on-screen track pad or by tilting your device.

The company says the Sphero robotic ball uses components from air traffic controllers and open source software, so it could be a relatively cheap way for programmers to get into robotics. It has fully open APIs and the company is hoping that third-party developers will create some fun games to play with the ball.

While that may seem odd at first, the Sphero robotic ball will come with a few games out of the box. There’s a lap game that sends the ball off in a lap (as you’d expect), there’s a sumo game where two Sphero balls battle for supremacy and there’s even a math game where solving a math problem will allow you take over someone’s ball.

The device should land by the end of the year for less than $100 and that’s a solid price considering all the tech that you’re getting. Check out the video below for a bit of the action and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Cool Toy, what’s the use of it ?

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