Microsoft: We’ve got the best-looking phones on the market

Steve Ballmer touts Windows Phone 7
Steve Ballmer touts Windows Phone 7

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been relatively quiet about Windows Phone 7 but he’s making the rounds and touting the company’s new mobile platform’s aesthetics.

In an interview with USA Today, he says:

There’s a lot of competition, but we’ve got the best-looking phones on the market. We’ve got the greatest range of alternatives, the phones, the software, the craftsmanship. It is as good or better than anything out there. We have a lot of work to do. But, we’re in the game. We sold 1.5 million into the carriers.

To be fair, Ballmer also points out that people are going to want a variety of form factors while still having the underlying power in the hardware and software to get some tasks done. I think Microsoft has done a good job of mixing the strengths of Apple and Google – Windows Phone 7 devices still have a hardware baseline for development like iOS but there’s a variety of form factors like with Android.

We’re still waiting for the update which will bring copy and paste, as well as support for CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon. The CDMA move could boost the company’s market share, as this opens up the target market to more than 130 million users in the United States.

So, when should we expect some more big news out of Microsoft and Windows Phone 7? We were hoping for some at CES 2011 but it focused on a rather meek tablet strategy. I think we can count on some more WP7 news at the Mobile World Congress show in February.

So, friends, now that we’ve had WP7 devices for a few months now, what would you like to change about it? I find it to be a solid foundation but the live tile stuff doesn’t really save me as much time as the marketing department would have you believe.

[Via USA Today]

  • Anonymous

    Blah, blah blah.

    “Best looking phones”.

    LG is already saying the SKUs are not moving.

    Samsung will follow close behind next quarter.

    HTC might ship a few and Dell some in states. That’s it.

    W7 is a total flop ans MS won’t release the numbers.

    They are doing even worse than Nokia with Sym3.

    • Take the green dick out of your mouth.

    • First LG made a phone that does not look very appealing to anyone. The only feature that it offers is a keyboard. Other then that the Quantum looks cheap. So dont bash the whole ecosystem because 1 oem made an ugly phone that is not selling.

      Have you tried the OS? I bet you havent. It is one of the most innovative phone OSes I have seen. Not just a bunch of squares sitting there. It is very easy to Navigate and responsive. The market is growing on average of 1000 new apps per month, By mid year it will surpass Blackberry Market.

      I have tried IPhone and sold it. One of the worse experiences ever. It lost its appeal after the first month. I have tried many android phones and most are nice but the ecosystem is all over the place.Have to rely on the Devs over at XDA for a software updates since the carriers and OEMs dont care enough to get the updates out. Example: All the Galaxy S phones Android 2.1, Sony Experia X10 1.6, AT&T Dell Streak also on 1.6 and many more. Even Apple sticks it to their customers. You will get the update but none of the new features. At least With Microsoft doing it, you know you will get the updates on time and you will also get the newest features and addons.

      Currently I have an HD7 and it is by far one of the best phones I have owned. It still has some work to be done. But compared to the issues with IOS and Android when they were first released, Microsoft is miles ahead at launch time. How long did it take Apple to give its users copy and paste? Almost 3 years! Microsoft will add the feature in 3 months. If you are on Android you wont even know if your phone is good enough for the next update or if your carrier will give it to you.

      If you dont like the phone or the software on it fine, but please dont come on here bashing it without any real proof to back up your claims. Yes LG made a turd of a phone. So did Apple with the Iphone 1 and 4 and the ever problem ridden Ipad.

      Just because you sell a lot of something doesn’t mean it is a good something.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that I like the OS and think it’s a great 1.0 smartphone platform, maybe even the best 1.0 I’ve ever seen. The problem is that the market isn’t at 1.0 and consumers can get more mature platforms elsewhere.

        The good news is that because of the solid foundation, Microsoft can quickly close that gap. Android was able to catch up (and surpass in many ways) iOS in about two years, so MS has a chance but it definitely has its work cut out for it.

      • WP7 may not be bad, but it’s 2.5 to 3 years behind. Had it come out along side the iPhone, perhaps Android wouldn’t be the household name it is today. Microsoft has one hell of a fight, not for market share per se but in getting the platform up to date. Market share can’t be bought (despite M$’s recent actions), it has to be earned – and right now the only compelling reason to get a WP7 device is … well … hope.

        Can MS do it? Maybe, they were the late comer to the gaming console space in a time where nobody thought Sony and Nintendo could be unseated. The difference there, is the Xbox was truly a game changer to play a pun. They’ve continually pushed the envelope on consoles while the competitors sat on their haunches – even cut off their own noses in the case of Sony. The mobile space isn’t in the same place as consoles – competition is HOT, and nobody is ceding victory to anyone. Right now it’s iPhone and Android, and both are furiously innovating. Microsoft has a LOT of ground to make up, with a platform that has just now reached 2008. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I *am* saying that personally I’ll watch from a distance.

  • Nobody wants to have these phones. MS said that KIN sold well until the very end. It was discontinued after 6 weeks. WP7 will die faster than you think.

    • SDTodd

      Have you tried one? It’s an amazing OS – and running on the HTC HD7 it’s a game changer. The big screen is ideal for anyone needing to really read something out in the field. I love mine!!

    • SDTodd

      Have you tried one? It’s an amazing OS – and running on the HTC HD7 it’s a game changer. The big screen is ideal for anyone needing to really read something out in the field. I love mine!!

    • Not if I can get one it won’t. The WP7 phone is awesome. The KIN was a concept phone. Should never have left the lab but the WP7 is a phone I could own.

    • Fat Boy

  • Symbolset

    It doesn’t look good enough to Sony Ericsson:

    And it’s still not launched on Verizon – home of the Microsoft KIN, which will soon be shipping the iPhone. Will it ever?

    Somebody’s scraping facebook apps looking for market share numbers. They’re looking pretty credible. They’re here:

  • I want one, but it needs to have a keyboard. Also sprint is the carrier of choice around here. That means that not only does it need CDMA support before I can buy one, but the HTC 7 Pro needs to be relased as well. I’m certain there are plenty of people that feel the current selections of phones are just too lacking to dive in now. Also keep in mind this is the first generation of this platform. You should compare each phone individualy to the android G-1 in terms of sales for that reason. Andoid needed to grow and evolve before it caught on. I’m sure WP7 is no different.

  • Gregory C Newman

    In about a year when all of the major upgrades that the windows phone 7 needs are added this Smartphone will be one of the best on the market
    Microsoft must continue to upgrade it’s features and
    advertise it to let people know it exists and remember donot try to beat the other phones just make what you sell work great and people will see it and buy it and pass the word it’s a good phone to own. Quality and useability is king

  • Anonymous

    Ballmer thinks that WP7 phones – in terms of hardware and software – are “as good or better than anything out there”? Oh boy. I mean, Microsoft has come along way from Windows Mobile 6.5 and those dinky handsets, but it still has a long way to go. HTC has made some spiffy looking WP7 handsets, but its Android handsets just keep getting sexier.

  • And how many have you sold to consumers Steve? MS7 has no cachet! Android is surging ahead, iPhone 5 ready to launch soon, Verizon has the iPhone from February. And W7 Phones look like phones for people on the short bus. Both Android and iPhone had tablets – which you can share apps with your phone – so what to do, buy apps for your tablet,and buy them again of your phone? – I don’t think so Steve!

    Small bet – there will be no WP7 this time next year. I have a WP 6.5 – guess what I am not going to buy!

  • It would be cool if WP7 can catch up and compete because in the end the consumer wins when there is competition but…WP7 should have been released a year and half ago. Android and IOS have it beat by a mile.

  • It would be cool if WP7 can catch up and compete because in the end the consumer wins when there is competition but…WP7 should have been released a year and half ago. Android and IOS have it beat by a mile.

  • Joeb

    Steve B., it is a good time to leave Microsoft now, before you ruin everything. It feels like you don’t want to compete anymore, where is the game-face?
    I love the software, but the hardware is not great and not even great-looking.

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