Sprint announcing a glasses-free 3D Android phone from LG at February event?

Before you begin jumping for joy, this is nothing but an unverified rumor. It just happens to be a good one that we hope to see materialize in the near future. You may have heard about Sprint event that will bring us an industry first, so could it be a 3D Android phone? Some people may already be denying the possibility, but we just got in contact with some one who just had a hands-on with this mystery device.

While the source who got some hands-on with the phone is reliable, the connection to the Sprint event isn’t, it just makes sense. LG recently announced their glasses-free 3D display, and with David Blaine appearing (and possibly disappearing) at the Sprint event, who knows what to expect? We really have no reason as to why we can actually expect Sprint to announce the device, but an “industry first” will hopefully involve a device, and not some sort of plan.

The handset was said to have a large screen “similar to the Droid X,” so we can expect around a 4.3 inch display, which is the size of the display LG recently announced. A front-facing camera is also on the phone, but other than that, the specs were sparse. The one thing that was obvious were the standard four Android buttons at the bottom of the handset. The handset wasn’t branded at the time, but was told the manufacturer later on in the viewing. The UI, which wasn’t shown much, looked similar to the 3D scrolling wheel from the Nexus One, (or stock Android) but in “‘steps’ to a more 3D look and feel”. The source said that most of it looked rather cheap, but was enjoyable enough to see past the gimmick.

Don’t worry, Samsung, you still hold the gimmick crown for the ‘Cube” on the Samsung Behold 2.

What’s more intriguing is that the handset can record video in 3D as well, as it features two (count ’em two) cameras on the back at angles and a large flash. The “large flash” could either be a dual-LED flash, or possibly, and hopefully, and actual Xenon flash. This wouldn’t be the first time LG has thrown a Xenon flash on a phone, but it would be the first time in long time.

This mystery device’s UI was described as cube-like, which is found on devices like the LG Viewty Smart, and Arena. Instead of trying to make a cheap UI look 3D, LG is making the UI 3D. As with many glasses 3D displays you look at, you need to adjust your focus to the screen, but it’s usually not uncomfortable to do so. The same thing happens with the phone, but the source goes on to say that “the vertical lines become pronounced and have potential to  ruin the effect at certain angles.”

So could Sprint announce this device come February 7th? Sure, but they could also announce something very, very different. Nonetheless, we do know that LG has a glasses-free 3D Android phone up and running with what looked to be “final hardware”. Hopefully we’ll see this pan out in the next couple weeks.

One thing is for sure, if this device is fully in 3D, and can record in 3D, I hope that it has some powerful innards.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool… I want!

  • SPRINT??? Are you talking about SPRINT SPRINT?

  • TPL

    If this turns out to be the February 7th unveiling, I will quite literally pull a Mary Poppins and go bounding from rooftop-to-rooftop in joy!

  • Corydavidred

    If this is true I will cancel with sprint and join verizon, this idea is stupid

    • TPL

      Your reaction to it is absurd. It sounds like you’re already with Verizon to be honest.

    • Leoz_No_01

      Why don’t you just get a different phone on Sprint?

    • Elvis1825

      Really , how will this affect you ?? I think your comments are stupid , go switch to verizon and see how your bill will be much bigger

  • Conradsands12

    Verizon and AT&T = The Most Overpriced Calling Plans in America

  • Conradsands12

    From ABC News …

    Verizon Wireless to Pay Back Customers for Accidental Data Fees

    More than a year ago, Teresa Dixon Murray says she started to feel something wasn’t right about her family’s Verizon Wireless cell phone bill.

    “I was getting $1.99 charges on usually two out of my three accounts,” said Murray, a reporter with the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the mother of two teenagers with cell phones.

    She said that her family was being charged for Internet use but no one was using the Internet. The mystery charge even appeared, she said, when one of her sons’ phones was locked away after he’d lost phone privileges.

    “I knew absolutely, positively for sure. No accidents. No excuses, that this was wrong,” she said. “And I was absolutely livid.”

    After months of complaining to Verizon, Murray wrote a newspaper column. After that, she got the company’s red carpet treatment and her money back. Her situation was settled — but thousands wrote to her saying that they’d had the same problem.

    Now thanks to a Federal Communications Commission investigation into Verizon Wireless, some of those customers could see credits of $2 to $6 on their October or November bills.

    Last year, the FCC questioned Verizon Wireless about a $1.99-a-megabyte data access fee that had appeared on the bills of customers who didn’t have data plans but who had accidentally initiated data or Web access by pressing a button on their phones.

    Verizon Wireless said that it had stopped charging such fees when a customer started using a data service and then shut it off quickly. It blamed the continued overcharging on a software glitch and has agreed to pay up to $90 million in refunds to affected consumers.

    The FCC said Sunday that it had been examining the charges after consumers’ complaints.
    “We’re gratified to see Verizon agree to finally repay its customers,” FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Michele Ellison said in a statement.

    “The carriers have 50 [million], 60 [million] or 90 million customers and they charge everybody every month a few extra bucks,” said Ed Finegold, Validas’ chief analytics officer. “That adds up to billions in profits for them, so they have every incentive in the world to do it.”

    • Anonymous

      This has nothing to do with the post itself, and therefore will be removed.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was HTC doing the Sprint 3D Phone…

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking that it may have something to do with Push to Talk moving over to the Sprint network. In recent weeks, phones have been released that allow this functionality on the Sprint network alone. But, when you add David Blaine to the equation, it does sound like the 3D screen is a huge possibility.

    I have also heard rumor of a dual screen tablet, but hasn’t someone already shown one at CES? Dual screen tablet would be cool, but I am not sure that the price tag would be worth the cool factor that it would provide.

    Either way, it better be something big. Raising prices on data plans and battling the Verizon iPhone may be quite a task if not defended with something special.

    We’ll see……..

  • techman

    Well we know that lg and nvidia are working together.Whether it is a htc or lg phone that is to be released,you can be sure it will have nvidia’s new 3d tegra cpu/chipset.

  • Ok the day is here, so let’s see what’s up Sprint sleeve, I’m an iPhone owner, but if Sprint announces a phone that blows my mind, then is bye bye AT&T and hello Sprint…

  • Turned out to be true, just not LG 😀

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