White iPhone 4 pops up in Best Buy system, coming February 27?

Bigfoot. Lochness monster. Flying spaghetti monster. Uri Geller’s psychic abilities. The white iPhone 4. One of these things might be more real than the rest, and it’s hiding in Best Buy’s inventory database. I know, I didn’t think the white iPhone 4 was real, either, but the screen shot above is allegedly what Best Buy’s system shows – and it’s going to be available in both 16GB and 32GB models.

Earlier today, the white iPhone 4 was spotted on Vodafone‘s system in Germany, so it makes me wonder whether it will actually materialize. Additionally, it was on the Verizon website the day the CDMA iPhone 4 was announced, but Verizon said it was a mistake and was quickly taken down.

For months, Apple kept delaying the white model of its latest smartphone, so rumors about its absence kept cropping up. Everything from light leaks through the casing and mis-matching face/home-button colors, the rumors for the cause of delay were endless. There was even a time when we’d all believed that the ivory smartphone was being killed off and would never see the light of day.

Many of us have been aching for the fairer Apple smartphone to come to life. A few users have even been ordering parts and getting into a bit of trouble from selling parts and kits online.

At this point, can we really expect to see a white version of the iPhone 4 soon? After all, Apple is usually right on time with its refresh cycles, which would make the device relatively antiquated once June and July roll around. Additionally, the iPhone 5 is rumored to take on a whole new design. Perhaps the Verizon model will pick it up, but I’m doubtful. It’s not that I wouldn’t want one – I’ve always owned a white iPhone except for the EDGE model and the latest glass model. Fingers crossed!

[Via: MacRumors]

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    No matter what iPad 2 will be like, but we can sure that it will be better than the first generation, we have to do is waiting and waiting for its final appearance!

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